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Your Ultimate Exhilarating Retreat After a Long Day at Work

Your Ultimate Exhilarating Retreat After a Long Day at Work

No matter what your tastes are, Dubai has a lot to offer to visitors. From gorgeous skylines to thrilling adventures, there is something for everyone.

One of the recent additions to Dubai’s amazing parks is Aventura Parks – a high rope adventure course at Mushrif Park. Nestled in the Ghaf trees, the park provides the ultimate thrilling experience to make you feel alive and rejuvenated after a long hard day at work. It offers over 80 exciting challenges having different difficulty levels, making them suitable for both kids and adults.

Aventura Parks happens to be one of the seven international adventure parks by Aventura Amazonia. Aiming to become the outdoor team building activities, it has everything you can expect from a high rope adventure course. The circuits spread across five different levels starting from the ground to higher up in the trees.

For ensuring a safe yet thrilling experience, you will have expert instructors and facilitators to guide you. From the kid-friendly Discovery to the more challenging Thrillers and Xtreme circuits, if you are an adventure enthusiast living in Dubai, Aventura is the place to be.

Having said that, let’s take a look at the division this park has according to age and difficulty:

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This division has challenges suitable for the younger lot. The circuit has fewer obstacles, and the height of the pathways is lower as well. If parents want, they can tag along as well. There are a total of 19 challenges.


Stepping up the game from the last trail, this is a more suitable option for families so both parents and children can have an adventure together. The difficulty level happens to be medium. The number of challenges is 17.


This trail for thrill lovers. Designed for adults, the height and complexity of the challenges are higher. They finish with three consecutive zip lines. There are a total of 15 challenges.



Do you have it in you to take the 25 meter Tarzan jump? If yes, you need to try out Extreme, the most daring challenge. Offering 16 challenges, this is the most difficult circuit in Aventura Park, tough and exciting at the same time.

The longest zipline in Dubai, the Aventura Park Zipline is the ultimate adventure. The remarkable 160-meter zipline passes amidst trees without any obstacles in the way. It is quite an exhilarating experience to glide between the trees and be surrounded by the sprawling forest. There are 15 challenges in the Aventura Park Zipline Challenges.

That was about the circuit and adventures. What about the park? Well, it is a safe and isolated part of Aventura Park. The plantations and the trees easily adapt themselves, as they can get their nutrition and water from the surrounding areas.

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If you happen to visit the park after rain, you would be surprised by exceptional flowers and plants. This area is under protection. Excessive human activity could harm the trees. That’s why visitors are allowed to walk on pre-marked pathways.

Want to have the time of your life with zipline adventures in Dubai? Head to Aventura Park, where both fun and adventure await. There is so much you can do there such as rope walking, log balancing, tree climbing, and zip-lining. No matter your preference, the park has something for all.

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