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Secure Your Sensitive Data with Serverwala's Dedicated Server Turkey - DAILY BELY

Secure Your Sensitive Data with Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Turkey


It does not matter how advanced web hosting solutions with numerous benefits can come up in the web industry. The users would have to prioritize the one providing reliable and robust security. In the ever-growing IT world, the more developments have been made, the more the number of cyber crimes have been increased. Therefore, data security has remained the foremost concern of Internet users. When it comes to choosing the web hosting services, the users often put aside the option of Dedicated Servers due to their high cost as compared to the other hosting services, such as VPS, shared server, etc. However, you must know that Dedicated Server Turkey renders strong data security than any other hosting server. 

In this article, we have covered the profitability of Dedicated Servers and its best hosting services are available at the top-leading company-Serverwala. Plunge into the subsequent sections and acquire all the insights.

Protect Your Data with the Best-Dedicated Server Security Feature

The Dedicated Server Turkey is meant to function solely for a single individual, enterprise, or organization. With the dedicated server hosting, you obtain accessibility over the entire server without having to share its resources or space with any other user. This implies you get a secured, independent and isolated environment for the hosting purpose with dedicated resources. Unlike shared server hosting, you do not have to encounter various restrictions or limitations with the Dedicated Server in Turkey. Instead, you acquire the following privileges and benefits –

  • High availability of web resources
  • Highest uptime and least downtime
  • Consistent network connectivity
  • High-speed and secure channels
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Root control of the whole server
  • High scalability and configuration possibility

On the other side, the Dedicated Server Turkey also lets you execute measures to ensure complete data protection. For instance, you can implement –

  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Private Network and VPNs
  • Users Login administration
  • Frequent scanning and testing
  • Databases active management and many more.

Serverwala Dedicated Server Provider in Turkey

You must pick a reliable and renowned web hosting company for acquiring Dedicated Server Turkey in order to have access to the right and high-grade hosting services and facilities. This further enables you to make the best usage of your Dedicated Server in Turkey. Here is where the Serverwala data centre hosting company comes into the picture. Serverwala has been a well-recognized 3 tier data centre company for rendering the best and hyper-scale dedicated server hosting services all over the globe. You get the support of enterprise-grade hardware and the most progressive technologies. Moreover, the company’s Dedicated Server Turkey hosting is highly secure and brings along advanced data protection measures, including DDoS protection, data encryption, etc. Check out below the amazing features and plans of the Serverwala Best Dedicated Server Turkey Hosting. 

Other Features of Turkey  Dedicated Server for Your Website

Hardware RAID

Serverwala’s Dedicated Servers in Turkey give the ultimate support to Hardware RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). Under the company, you can purchase RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 at a reasonably small price. 

Premium Bandwidth

With the bare metal Dedicated Server Turkey Hosting, you get access to the premium bandwidth of up to 1 GBPS and can let your end-users experience the fastest network.

Private VLAN Subnets

The company’s dedicated server also lets you construct private server clusters effectively while providing you access to the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

Robust Network

Serverwala data centres are equipped with top-tier equipment and deliver seamless network connectivity integrated among the multiple Internet Exchanges from top-notch service providers.

IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

You get one IPv4 and IPv6 address for your online business with the company’s Dedicated Server in Turkey. Moreover, you also get the possibility to purchase further IPs (Internet Protocols) at viable prices.

Service Level Agreement

The company provides the service level agreement with every Dedicated Server Turkey hosting plan and package to ensure the delivery of a 99.90% uptime network. This enables your business website to attain a higher visitors ratio. 

SSD Data Storage

With each Dedicated Server Turkey hosting plan or package, the company offers SSD (Solid-State Drive) data storage instead of HDD (Hard Disk Drive) data storage. This drives your business website to function smoothly and deliver optimal performance without interruption. 

Choose the Right Plan for Your Dedicated Hosting in Turkey

Serverwala has designed a wide spectrum of Turkey’s Dedicated Server hosting plans and packages to meet the varying needs of different online businesses. The plans and packages are available at the most competitive and affordable prices. Also, they are highly customizable, flexible, and come with scalable resources. Moreover, the company guarantees to provide 24/7 customer as well as technical assistance via highly proficient and experienced professionals who remain on their toes to provide instant and best possible solutions to your queries or Dedicated Server Turkey issues. Further, you can contact them over several mediums like Skype, Email, Live Chat, etc.


Since Dedicated Server in Turkey requires you to have enough expertise in order to handle and run the server efficiently, you either must possess enough server knowledge or opt for the managed dedicated hosting service. Serverwala Cloud Data Centers not only offers cheap unmanaged hosting but also the option of advanced managed hosting. You can also pick the managed hosting service if you or your team does not have sufficient time to operate or manage the server. This way, you can invest more time solely in growing the aspects of your online presence and business growth. 

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