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Why is my dog barking - Interesting facts about animals.

Why is my dog barking – Interesting facts about animals.

Having your dog’s noise level under control is part of being a responsible dog owner. After all, excessive barking can be very annoying – not only for you, but also for your neighbors.

Why all the noise?

The first step to mastering this problem is to understand why a dog actually barks. Some dogs bark to alert you that they want something. blue rat terrier maybe they are hungry, thirsty or just want to play with you. If the bark becomes unreasonable, it’s time to teach your dog other ways to get your attention.

To give them the paw or to wait at the door or next to the feeding bowl. Playtime Many dogs bark when they see other dogs. They do this to attract them and invite them to play. This is normal behavior, but it’s up to you to determine how much barking is acceptable – make your dog wait to play until he has stopped barking.

Alone at home

Your dog may start barking when left alone at home. Try music or let the radio run to create familiar human sounds. You can also keep him busy with toys as long as you’re not at home.

A successful way to take away your dog’s fear is to give him an old, unwashed piece of clothing or any other item that smells strongly of his family. When you’re back home, give your dog a bit of wild playtime to let off steam with you. He will have missed you and there is no better way to restore the bond between you and your dog.

Keeping watch One of the most common reasons your dog barks is by “sounding the alarm.” If your dog sees someone approaching your house, they will sound the alarm for you. Since he sees you as the boss in the house, he asks you to investigate the situation.

Some dogs have been specially bred to sound the alarm. This is a behavior that you may want to take advantage of and support. Let your dog bark to get your attention. Then silence him only once you have assured yourself that there is no intruder in the house. Stick to one method For any training of your dog, you need a constant method.

Dogs respond to routine, which can greatly increase your training success. You may have already gone to obedience training with your puppy  – if not, why not even try now? It’s never too late to teach a dog a new trick. And these facilities are excellent for learning the best way to handle your dog. Another way to teach your dog not to bark is the following: Every time he starts barking, silence or distract him.

Use something that makes a loud noise to get his attention, such as a can full of coins. Then you give a clear “scht” command. Once your dog stops barking, praise him and give him a reward. Never start screaming when they want him to stop.

This can lead to anxiety and hinders the learning process. In addition, you can easily confuse your dog if he thinks they are barking too. Screaming only adds to your dog’s barking. Summary Training is always the best way to correct your dog’s behavior. However, be aware that most of the fuss is simply part of a normal dog.

Only if the barking is unfounded or disturbing, can you intervene. If the barking persists, your veterinarian will be able to give you additional advice and may even recommend other techniques.

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