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Why does React Native lead Mobile App Development in the coming year?

According to MarketsandMarkets, the cross-platform application market will grow from $45.19 billion to $95.45 billion by 2022. As a result, React Native, a cross-platform mobile application framework, is expected to explode in popularity in the coming years. React Native programming has become the favored choice of developers to offer a faultless experience for both Android and iOS customers, thanks to JavaScript. So, if you are thinking of getting an app to develop with react native framework, get mobile application development services from a reputable development agency.

How React Native Enhances App Capabilities?

React Native is a Facebook-developed open-source platform that includes a library that allows developers to create UI for both iOS and Android. Mobile app Developers choose React application development because it allows them to leverage a single codebase to provide cross-platform capabilities. When the application is developed on react native, there is no need to compromise the user interface. Do you know that React Native has a larger community on Github? Yes, there are more than 1002 contributors, making it the 14th most starred repository.

Justifications why React Native is the Future of Mobile App Development 

React Native has already taken over the IT industry. It has exploded in popularity in just two years, thanks to huge organizations like Facebook, Walmart, and Bloomberg choosing React Native as their preferred technology. For several reasons, mobile app development companies prefer this technology to others, and it is safe to conclude that React Native represents the future of mobile app development.

However, most agencies provide React Native app development in their mobile application development services. It supports both platforms to create cutting-edge and high-quality mobile apps. So, have a look at why mobile app developers choose React Native technology.

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Compatibility Across Platforms:

The majority of React Native APIs are cross-platform. It means a single component can be used on both iOS and Android. Companies that provide React Native app development services may create full-featured apps that have the appearance and feel of native apps without writing a single line of platform-specific code.

Development Cycles are Shorter

To native mobile app professionals, long development cycles are a bummer, but that is not the case with this technology. Because of the availability of Reduxthe, a state management tool, development cycles can be shorter without compromising any part of development. Furthermore, by providing a single shared layer of data for iOS and Android, any chances of app failure were decreased.


Due to the fact that React Native is open source, there is a large community of React Native application professionals. However, professionals are always looking for a way to improvise the technology and remove the bugs. So, if you are dealing with any error, they can provide you with assistance.

Live Updates and CodePush

Because React Native makes substantial use of JavaScript, it has a significant advantage. Experts in React Native app development can distribute updates to users’ phones without having to go through the app store update cycle.

The Ability to Use the Same Code

React Native enables React Native development companies to use the same codebase to create apps for several platforms. Developers may create several highly functional cross-platform apps by knowing just one set of tools. For this reason, companies that provide mobile application development services choose this technology.

Productivity Improvements

Due to Hot Reload, React Native technology aids in enhancing efficiency. This remarkable technology also reduces overall development time, which is a huge benefit. Building apps for both iOS and Android might be challenging due to the fact that their ecosystems are so dissimilar, but this is not the case when utilizing React Native.

Extremely Responsive

React Native is primarily concerned with user interface design. It is responsive and has the best features. Unlike MetroJs, this platform focuses on user interfaces. React Native decreases the time it takes for an app to load and gives it a smoother feel. The React Native apps have a very responsive user interface. It has a high level of performance in mobile contexts. It’s super-fast and works with mobile devices. 

Live Reload Feature

No doubt React native technology develops great mobile applications on react ideas. Moreover, it also offers the feature of Live Reload, which you will not get in any of the native frameworks. With this feature, the professionals can see the changes instantly after doing the modifications to the code.

For example, you have to open two windows on your system. One shows the code, and the other shows the mobile screen. When you make changes in the code, you can see its effect in the other window.

Versatile Choice for Businesses

If we talk about React native framework, initially, it meant to work with the iOS platforms. But later, it was modified and updated to make it work on Android due to its great demand. So, the professionals can use this framework for cross-platform app development. Further, it allows the developers to use the single code which works on both platforms. Moreover, it offers its compatibility with Windows, tvOS, and others.


We hope this blog provides you with all information about React Native and how it is taking over mobile app development. Therefore, if you are also planning to use this technology, avail mobile application development services from a reputable mobile app development agency.

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