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What is the price of a catalyst? - DAILY BELY

What is the price of a catalyst?

A catalyst can significantly reduce pollutants in your exhaust system and decrease fuel consumption. Catalysts reduce the amount of harmful gases by converting them into other substances. There are different types of catalysts. The main difference is that they operate in different ways.

The type of catalyst used depends on the type of pollution you are trying to clean up. The most common catalytic converters used on cars are gasoline-powered, but there are also diesel-powered catalysts and electric catalytic converters.

Some catalysts use precious metals, which are usually made catalyst purchase price from platinum, palladium and rhodium. A catalyst with precious metal additives tends to be more expensive than catalysts without them. Catalysts may contain a mixture of additives, such as rare earths, platinum and palladium, although only a small fraction of the catalyst is used to reduce emissions.

Catalysts are not free. The cost of a catalyst should cover its lifetime (20 to 40,000 miles). If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year, you may not need to buy a new catalytic converter. If you drive more than 30,000 miles per year, you may consider buying a new one.

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