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What is spooning? - DAILY BELY

What is spooning?

Get your mind out of the kitchen, as spooning is just used metaphorically. An evolutionary trend –yes, the cave people also spooned – this position entails the way you and your partner sleep –used literally –together. 

In spooning, the partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction. The taller one then hugs the shorter one from behind, crossing their arms over them, and generally intertwining their hands.

This special type of cuddle is great for showing that you both trust each other. Alongside being endearing, it is also good for the relationship as well. Some of the benefits of spooning include: 

Better intimacy 

Sex is not the only way to be intimate with your partner. Good contact like spooning can also be a source of pleasure for both. It is especially prudent when someone in the relationship is suffering from sexual health issues, that prevent them from having pleasurable sex. Although, it is also important to visit a Sexologist in Karachi alongside exploring other ways to be intimate. 

Good for your relationship

Having good physical contact helps with your relationship as well. When you have good physical energy, it also then makes you better connected to your partner. Alongside being more attuned to them, it also aids in improving chemistry and contact. 

More oxytocin 

Oxytocin is a hormone and neurotransmitter that regulates different processes around the body. Alongside improving orgasm and erection, this hormone also is good for feeling relaxed, comforted, and content. It also helps in improving personality, making one warmer and more open. 

Moreover, oxytocin is also good for mental health, as it helps in reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Similarly, oxytocin also has a good impact on your physical health as well. It helps in lowering blood pressure.

 Hypertension not only has impact on the well-being of your organs including eyes, kidneys, and heart, but it also has implication for your sexual health. High blood pressure may lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Likewise, oxytocin is also linked to improved heart rate as well. 

Also known as love hormone, oxytocin is release during hugging and orgasm. Spooning may involve both these action, so it gives your body the boost of some good love. 

Greater oxytocin levels are not only important for your mood, but also help build a better relationship, with greater trust. 

Better mental health 

Oxytocin helps in lowering the levels of cortisol –the stress hormone – down. Due to the improved oxytocin levels during spooning, your body also becomes less stressed. 

Spooning also helps in improving anxiety levels, that may otherwise have a grave impact on your sexual performance, and hence your relationship. 

Moreover, spooning also helps in relieving social anxiety. So, if you are not comfortable yet with your partner, and are still in the process of getting acquainted with them, spooning can be of help. 

Improved pain 

Again, thanks to the improved oxytocin levels, spooning also helps in abating pain as well. For people who have chronic pain getting in the way of their relationship, this news is music to the ears. 

Spooning sex helps make babies

For couples who are trying to have a baby, having sex in the spooning position can help you with this endeavor. You might need to find your rhythm with this, but generally, it’s the man who controls the movement. Just be sure to take it slow, so it does not become uncomfortable or painful. 

Better sleep 

As spooning leads to the release of oxytocin and the fact that it helps in lowering stress levels, therefore, it also then promotes good sleep. It is easier to fall asleep when your mind is relaxed. 

Moreover, it also helps in improving the symptoms of insomnia, although if you are suffering from this problem, you should also consult an expert like those at Dr Ziauddin Hospital for treatment, rather than relying on spooning alone. 

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