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What is Digital Marketing, and Why is it Needed?

What is Digital Marketing, and Why is it Needed?

Companies use every possible promotional tool to increase sales, drive traffic to the site and retain customers.
For example, they use contextual advertising, create thematic groups on social networks or give away promotional codes.
These are all Digital Marketing tools. We will tell you what it is, the types and areas of digital promotion, and how to build a marketing strategy using Google Ads.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Internet advertising – definition of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Company Birmingham is a way to promote products and services using digital methods and to communicate with consumers using the most popular and convenient online channels. Some of these marketing tools are websites, contextual advertising, email marketing, and social media.
Let’s look at some examples:
•The content manager creates a series of publications on the company blog. They help attract potential customers with detailed PDF instructions from a company expert.
•The SMM specialist promotes the blog through advertising and viral coverage on company social media accounts.
•The email marketer creates a newsletter for people who have downloaded the PDF.

Effective advertising – the benefits of digital marketing

•Communication with consumers in online and offline formats. Chatbots and promotional codes in newsletters are equally effective in attracting customers. The most important thing is correctly studying the target group and choosing the promotion channel. If you communicate with your audience online and offline, then brand loyalty is formed among consumers of different categories.
•Variety of tools. TV and radio advertisements, advertisements in applications and games, push notifications, and SMS mailings are used for promotion. These tools reach a wide audience.
•Possibility to personalize communication. By knowing the gender, age, interests, and behavior of consumers, you can personalize ads display or send emails with selected products.
•Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Most digital channels allow you to analyze how people respond to the company’s offer and evaluate cost and conversion efficiency. For example, to find out which ads brought users to the site and how many people took targeted actions.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

•Time. Not all promotion channels bring the desired effect quickly. For example, attracting an audience to social media and building loyalty can take several years. However, targeted advertising can “catch up” traffic to the site within a few days.
•Awareness. To use digital marketing tools effectively, you must be aware of trends. In this field, changes often occur, innovations occur, and yesterday’s trends rapidly lose their popularity.
•No universality of tools. Offline promotion channels cannot be tailored to a specific category of consumers. For example, you cannot personalize ads in a TV commercial or radio spot. This makes it difficult to communicate with the audience.

The role of digital marketing

Digital marketing allows you to track the effectiveness of any digital activity, which cannot be said about offline advertising. When placing an ad in a newspaper, it is virtually impossible to measure exactly how many readers paid attention to the banner. And it’s pretty hard to tell if an ad made any sales.
With digital marketing, it’s almost always easy to measure marketing profitability.
You can always use analytics services to find out how many people visited the site, how long they stayed on it, and what device they used to access it. Even how carefully they browsed the pages, where they kept their attention, what places they scrolled, and what they clicked on. This information helps prioritize activities and optimally allocate resources based on the number of users and their activity on the site.

How Google Ads Work – Promote your business on Google Ads

When a user performs a query, Google serves ads relevant to the user based on the keywords used in the query. Advertisers who want their ads to appear on the results page place bids on keywords that will participate in an internal system auction between advertisers with the same keywords.
Whoever has a better ad with a higher offer will be shown higher in the search query. Depending on the value of your keyword bid, your ads will be ranked differently. In addition to the offer, Google also considers the ad’s relevance and quality and the website’s relevance.
Therefore, even if you have the highest bid, your ad is poorly written, and your landing page does not match the description in the ad, there is a very small chance that your ad will show up at the top of Google searches.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing – How is digital marketing different?

Internet marketing tools – SMM and SEO, email marketing, contextual and targeted advertising – work only on the web and engage consumers through online channels.
Digital Marketing Firm in Birmingham uses the same methods but is not limited to them. In addition, it uses digital channels independent of the Internet – radio, television, SMS, promotional, and QR codes. They help to attract offline customers to the company’s website. To assess the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, you can use comprehensive analytics.
The end-to-end analytics system tracks which traffic source brought customers, including their website orders, phone calls, and inquiries. You can monitor sales from different channels and adjust your marketing strategy thanks to detailed reports.

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