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Types of exercises used in Vestibular Physiotherapy Calgary - DAILY BELY

Types of exercises used in Vestibular Physiotherapy Calgary

Vestibular Physiotherapy Calgary is a disorder or condition caused by the problems in inner ear. Vestibular is sometimes confused with vertigo. Basically vertigo is a condition which causes sensation of spinning motion and dizziness, vestibular also cause the same but with more severity. You can say that vestibular and vertigo have connection with each other. Because vertigo causes the problems in the vestibular area of the ear.

Many people think that vestibular is permanent as no medicine and treatment is able to cure. But in reality you don’t need to worry about the heavy and long medical courses of medicines. Vestibular can easily be treated by the vestibular rehabilitation Calgary.

Cawthorne Cooksey Exercises

This exercise focuses on the neck and shoulder. As vestibular is the problems occurs in the inner ear, it disturbs the neck and the shoulder area as well. And people complains pain in the neck and shoulder. To ease that this exercise is used to perform. There are many positions involved in this exercise such as:

Eye Movement

If you are on your bed or in a sitting position you have to move your eyes from left to right and up or down. Then you have to focus on your finger which you have to place one foot apart from the eye level. This will enhance your focusing sense. Because people dealing with the vestibular complains about focusing as well.

Gaze stabilization exercises

This exercise focuses on the eye area and the vision problems because due to vestibular many patients deal with the blur vision and difficulty in focusing on the stationary objects. This exercise helps you to focus on the objects and things which are in stationary position but your head is moving. For example you have to focus on the finger which is one feet apart while you have to constantly move your head up and down but slowly. Yu don not need t rush while doing the exercise as it will worsen your condition.

Brandt-Daroff exercises

This exercise includes the head movements which helps moving the crystal to be on their correct position inside the inner ear. There are 4 ways to treat vestibular:

Physiotherapy: as we have discuses earlier in the topic and we also have discussed some exercises used by the physiotherapist to treat the vestibular. Physiotherapists are very well aware of the muscles on the entire body and they refer exercises which focuses on the affected area. That is why people trust having physiotherapy.

Medical checkup: Another is having a proper medical checkup from a doctor of medicine. The doctor will refer you to the concern doctor which will treat you according to the condition you have. For example if you are dealing with the vestibular. They will refer you to the Rehab for the vestibular exercises.

Vestibular exercises are very important to perform under the supervision of some specialists.

But some of the exercises such as Brandt-Daroff exercises are not specified to be performed with the specialized person. You can perform these exercise at home. But make sure you have any assistance such as your friend or any family member. So that in case of any emergency or misconduct they can give you the first aid.

Massage: Did you know massage is also a treatment for many conditions. Such as Craniosacral massage. This massage type is very beneficial for the patients dealing with the migraine. As it focuses on the membrane on the head. Ad gives it a gentle massage which help the head area to relax and heal. Same is the case with other health / medical conditions.

Surgery: surgery is the last option. It so for those patients who are at the last stage of vestibular disorder. To avoid surgery you need to be very careful about the vestibular condition and you have to treat it before it gets worse.

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