Best Tour Organizer for Jaisalmer Trip – 2023

The songs of bravery written about just the warriors for whom this area is still renowned have given the Land of the Kings its infamously legendary reputation. Yes, we are talking about Jaisalmer. So, to make it easier for you we have chosen the best tour organizer for Jaisalmer trips for 2023

The blistering heat and deserts that many people think of when they think of this beautiful state are just two of the many things the state has to offer; nevertheless, it has a lot more. It has earned the nickname “Sandstone Beauty” for the architectural marvels it crafted out of sandstone, which is entirely fitting.

The camel safari in Jaisalmer is going to be the most strange and captivating journey you’ve ever had in your whole life. Genuinely an adventure that everyone ought to try at least once throughout their lives. This all-inclusive Jaisalmer Tour Package allows you to sample Rajasthan’s delectable cuisine, including the traditional thali. 

Get the best experience with Travgenix Jaisalmer family tour packages. 

During your weekend trip to Jaisalmer, Travgenix will make it a point to ensure that you have the opportunity to participate in the majority of the activities that are recommended for tourists to partake in a while in the city, all to ensure that you get the most out of the experience that comes with traveling to such a breathtaking location.

Travgenix can help you plan your trip to Jaisalmer, and if you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of their carefully crafted family package for Jaisalmer. They are well-known organizers that specialize in tours and travel, and the faith that our previous clients have placed in them is mainly responsible for our success. 

Travgenix provides various vacation packages that may assist you in making travel arrangements for your trip to Jaisalmer. Travgenix receives many clients who want to create packages according to their budgets and preferred areas. They also provide customized family packages for customers with unique demands and desires to plan their Jaisalmer Tour Packages.

What can you enjoy with Travgenix’s Jaisalmer family tour package?

When you book one of Travgenix’s family packages for Jaisalmer, you’ll see the golden-yellow sandstone palaces of Nathmal ki Haveli, Patwa ki Haveli, and Salim Singh ki Haveli. This attractive town has many attractions, so it appeals to many people. Take your loved ones on an excursion to the breathtaking Gadi Sagar Lake, a rainwater lake providing water to the whole city. 

Your youngsters will have a great time on the low-cost boat trips offered here. After that, bring them with you to the puppet performance that will be held in the evening. Local markets are great places to go shopping since they provide various unique things at affordable prices.

Inclusions in the Family Package for Jaisalmer By Travgenix

  • A comfortable, well-kept, and spotless vehicle, such as a saloon, SUV, or town car, will be given according to the size of the party; 
  •  Transportation to and from the airport, the railway station, and the bus stop will be arranged following the passengers’ estimated arrival times. 
  • Your accommodations will be on a double or triple-sharing basis, depending on the size of your party, whether you’re staying in hotels or tent camps. 
  • Driver allowances, fuel costs, toll tax, state tax, parking charges, and other fees. Breakfast begins on day two and continues through the last day as specified in the itinerary. 
  • Driver with extensive experience and professional standing for the journey to Jaisalmer, which is three days long.
  • Continuation of the sightseeing activities detailed in the schedule.

Short Family Trip to Jaisalmer for 3 Days / 2 Nights

This Jaisalmer 2 nights tour package includes visits to spectacular forts, the breathtaking Thar Desert, rich cultures and traditions, ethereal lakes, and much more. The city of Jaisalmer can be buried away in the Thar Desert. 

The sand dunes surrounding it give it a special allure and history woven even into the city’s architecture. The trip to witness the grandeur of the infinite “Thar Desert” starts as the sun begins to softly spray its golden lights with both the ombre of pink giving way to a sky full of stars. 

The journey will be taken on a camel when the sun is in its twilight phase. Listen to the stories passed down through the generations of people who still reside in the “Golden Fort” and are buried in its walls.

Sand dunes camping, camel safari, and local market touring are just some activities included in this two-night, three-day excursion. Jaisalmer is well-known for its antique jewelry, leather products, mirrors, and creative wooden gift items. During this sightseeing excursion, you will get the opportunity to see the breathtaking architecture that can be found in Patwon ki haveli.


In addition to its vibrant culture, historical legends, and fascinating folklore, Jaisalmer, located in Rajasthan, is undoubtedly one of the places in that state where you should make a point to see. So what are you waiting for? Book your family package from the best organizer for Jaisalmer tour to spend some memorable and thrilling moments with your family. 

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