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Top 7 Unavoidable signs your Car Battery is dying

Top 7 Unavoidable signs your Car Battery is dying

hen gasoline is responsible for feeding your car, the battery blows life to your vehicle and makes it move in the first place. Without the initial jolt, you won’t be able to turn on the car. Of course, there’re a few exceptions where starting your car without a battery is plausible. While some engines don’t usecar polishing battery replacement, others won’t move an inch if your vehicle relies on the battery. 

Fortunately, car batteries usually give a few warnings with the impending failure. So, just like you seek car polishing in Dubai or anywhere you reside, it’s imperative to attend to your car’s battery before it’s too late. Watch out for the below symptoms of a failing battery so you can take preventive measures. 

  1. Dim Headlights:

All of the electrical components of your car align with the battery. So, when the battery stops working, it won’t be able to provide power to your car’s electrical tools, including headlights. If you’ve observed that the headlights are dimly lit and seem weaker than usual, it might be a moment of concern. Not only does reduced light create driving safety issues, but it also implies that your car’s battery is dying.

  1. Clicking Sound of the Ignition:

When you shove the car key into the ignition, the car battery sends a current jolt to an electrical tool known as a starter solenoid to get the engine going. However, a failing battery will find it hard to perform this function, and the current jolt will be weaker too. And, of course, when the starter receives insufficient power from the battery, the clicking noise of the ignition becomes obvious. 

  1. Engine Crankiness:

Car owners are more adjusted to the usual sound of their vehicles. Yet, if you’re noticing that the engine is creating more creepy sounds than usual upon turning on the ignition, the battery might be nearing its death. So, don’t stay ignorant for long and adhere to this red flag ASAP.

  1. Backfiring and Sparks:

It’s a warning that you can’t miss anyway. A failing car battery generally causes intermittent sparks to acknowledge the driver. These sparks can lead to fuel collection in the cylinders. When this accumulate fuel is ignited, it’s ignited instantly and with a versatile force, which causes the car to backfire. Besides unusual sparks, remember that backfiring can indicate various issues, so testing the battery first would be a wise move.

  1. Swollen Battery Case:

A car battery is like a chemical reaction confine in a box. And so, it’s normal for things to go wrong with chemical reactions. And for this reason, the exterior of the battery box can swell when exposed to extreme hot or cold weather. During winters, the battery might freeze up. Similarly, the battery might swell by getting expose to excess heat. In such circumstances, recovery is implausible, and you’ll need to replace it.

  1. Illuminated Dashboard light:

Modern cars arrive with a dashboard warning light, which generally forms the shape of a car battery. The light illuminates when the battery isn’t reload correctly or when it’s going through an internal problem. The dashboard light also specifies that there’s an issue with the electrical system. When the light hits up, the best option is to get your car’s electrical system check by a professional mechanic or might be some oil change issues occurs. 

  1. Life-span matters:

Have you accumulated the age of your battery until recently? Well, you should. Most cars are equipped with 12-volts batteries, with a lifespan of around three to five years. While getting it replaced occasionally is a wise move, it’s equally expensive. However, if you think the battery won’t support your car anymore, replace it before you get stuck with a lifeless car.

Final Wordings:

There’s no denying that a dead car battery isn’t the end of the world. Yet, it can be stressful at times when you’ve to head somewhere immediately. But, by following the signs mentioned above, you’ll be able to tackle the situation. And gladly, finding mechanics for car battery replacement or your hometown is not hard. After all, it’s still not as bad as the Wi-Fi going out. 

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