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Tips And Tricks To Set Up Your Sound Bar - DAILY BELY

Tips And Tricks To Set Up Your Sound Bar

So you’ve recently bought your big beautiful TV and you decide to watch an action flick late night in the lounge. The one thing you notice first and foremost, is the dull sound coming from your TV. You probably won’t be enjoying the movie owing to the fact that the speakers are located at the bottom of the TV are throwing sound straight south. Getting and installing a sound bar that would provide resonant and pleasant sound with the help of RMS Installs in Atlanta GA would be the best option, they provide professional sound bar installation services to cater your needs.

As TVs are getting slimmer and slimmer, there is less room for quality speakers to be embedded inside the screens, and the sound coming from them is redundant to say the least. Installing a Sound Bar can just provide the remedy for all your sound woes.

It’s highly advisable to mount the sound bar to the TV. Unless you have a bracket which would let you mount directly to the television. The best thing about mounting the sound bar to the TV is that the sound moves with the TV. Good for you!

The new and improved sound bars all have an HDMI source which gives us excellent sound quality. Make sure that your TV and Sound Bar both support ARC (Audio Return Channel). People prefer watching stuff from streaming services like the Netflix or Hulu Plus, well that’s where ARC plays an important role, giving you the ultimate experience. To use the ARC, make sure your HDMI is connected to the ARC port on the TV and the sound bar and also make sure the HDMI CEC is installed and enabled on your TV.

You can even connect your gaming consoles like the PS4 directly to the Sound Bar, the benefit being that you will always get the best possible sound quality since the sound doesn’t have to go through the TV first.

If you’re thinking about buying a new sound bar, try the new Samsung HW-Q90R Sound bar which is one of the best sound bars of 2019 giving the best Dolby Atmos and DTS:X experience coupled up with many more features but only if your pocket allows it; or go for the Q Acoustics M4 Sound bar which is a budget sound bar but gives strong competition to the higher ends sound bars producing sound quality which seems heaven to the ears.

What if your Sound Bar doesn’t have an HDMI or you’re having issues with ARC?

Well, in that case you can use the Optical connection which is the simplest and easiest connection. The downside of using optical connection is that you won’t be able to experience the utmost sound quality such as the Dolby Atmos

You can also use the stereo aux port or the RCA jack without having to alter any of the TVs settings but then again this would also give mediocre level of sound with no surround effects.

Even though the sound bar doesn’t provide the same oomph as the Home Theatre does, but it can provide a high definition sound taking up much less space and provides a satisfying experience of enjoying content to its full core. The easy installation and setup of the sound bar provides an ample amount of entertainment at an affordable price.

Having any problems setting up your sound bar? Reach out to RMSInstalls offering the best media solutions to, be it home, office or anywhere else. Thinking about installing your new sound bar? RMS Installs is the best place to start.

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