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Things To Remember When Riding a Motorcycle

You can attest that riding a motorcycle is fun if you have a motorcycle. The motorcycle is also fuel-efficient, making it more available. The sad fact is that it’s riskier riding a motorcycle than driving a car. According to the information provided by the Insurance Information Institute, a rider riding a motorcycle is likely to crash, and it’s 30 times more fatal compared to the motorist.

If you are a dedicated rider, you can avoid accidents and enjoy your bike without accidents. However, you should follow the primary motorcycle safety practices to achieve this. These practices may seem very obvious but very crucial in avoiding accidents. Make sure you keep away from accidents by following these ten ways.

Motorcycle Safety Practices Every Rider Should Follow

Equip Yourself

The number priority is safety; avoid dressing to look cool. Sometimes the weather is so hot outside, but no matter how the weather is, avoid riding a motorcycle while wearing shorts and a T-shirt s. The best attire to equip yourself with is leather pants, boots, and a motorcycle jacket for bikers.

The motorcycle jacket for bikers is made with leather to protect you from harm if an accident occurs. Make sure also to have a helmet. If your helmet is not covered on the face, wear glasses to protect yourself from direct air while riding. There are also special gloves specially made to protect your hands. You don’t have to worry when the weather is warm since there are gears specially made with ventilation and cooling.

Oversee Your Ride

Before taking your bike on a ride, there are some things that you should check to see their conditions. These things include tires, mirrors, and lights. The reason for checking these things is to identify any problems such as loose bolts that can lead to an accident. Some leaks can lead to your motorcycle experiencing problems while riding.

Every motorcycle requires to undergo regular maintenance practice. It’s important to note that delaying any problem that needs attention may lead to a serious malfunction. There are some recommended maintenance practices which include: changing the oil, adjusting the chain and suspension, changing tires that are worn out, and checking the brakes.

Use Your Common Sense

It would be best to use your common sense to recognize your surroundings and position yourself to others around you. Undeniably mirrors are put in place for a reason, but as an experienced rider, you can’t depend on them to keep yourself aware of the environment of your immediate riding space.

While riding a motorcycle, it’s important to keep your eyes up, especially while going around a corner. Experienced riders also know that the fattest and safest way to change lanes is to turn and check over your shoulders to make sure you’re free to change. It is very effective since you can check whether other drivers got your attention.

Remain in Your Comfort Zone

When you want to take a ride, it’s crucial to examine and know your abilities. It entails making sure that you use a motorcycle that you’re comfortable with and a route that you are familiar with. The bike you are using should fit you; that is, while on the bike, your feet should land on the ground normally, avoid a bike where you are tiptoeing.

What Common Mistakes Do Riders Make?

Most of the mistakes made are by beginners learning to ride a motorcycle. All riders who have now become experts were once upon a time beginners. So, these issues are very important and need to be addressed to help new riders. They include:

Making a Stop at an Uneven Road

Most new riders experience stopping at a slightly uneven road. Mostly it’s unintentional, but it happens. In that situation, the rider has to put one leg on the ground and support the bike’s whole weight using the leg. The bike is heavy, and likely the rider will drop the bike. It can be avoided by stopping on a fairly even road.

Braking Around Curves

It happens mainly on small mountain roads and roundabouts. The rider, since he has no experience in this situation and was probably speeding, the only solution that runs through his mind is wrong braking. In this situation, the best attitude to adopt is watching the exit while turning and maintaining a constant gas stream. If you’re a new rider, never underestimate the power of agaze.


When you have followed all the tips, it all comes down to: Wear your gear, especially the motorcycle jacket for bikers. Know your bike and your abilities. Be good to go.
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