The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Khussa Shoes

Khussa shoes are one of the traditional shoes worn in Pakistan and India by both men and women alike. They’re usually made of leather, but can also be made of cloth or plastic, and have either leather or rubber soles depending on the type you choose. 

It can be tough to find the best khussa shoes online.

If you don’t know what to look for, but this ultimate guide will help you make the right decision in your search. Here’s how to choose the best khussa shoes at any price range.

What is Khussa?

Before you even get started looking for your first pair of khussas, it’s important to know what they are. The term is derived from the Persian word Chushme which meant sandal. 

And that’s exactly what a khussa shoe is, a kind of open-toed footwear made of leather and worn by men in Pakistan and Northern India as formal dress wear and a symbol of Punjab heritage. They are also popularly known as Punjabi Jutti or Punjabi Sandals. 

Khussas were introduced into South Asia during Mughal rule when emperors ordered their soldiers to wear shoes with pointed toes so that they could easily keep their feet on stirrups while riding horses.

Types of Khussas

Khussa comes in many different styles and is made from a number of different materials. There are three major types of Khussa shoes, each coming with its own pros and cons. 

Here’s what you need to know about each style.

1) Machine-made: 

These are your standard pair of khussa that you can find anywhere. They tend to be less expensive than handmade options but will also be less durable and comfortable over time. 

2) Handmade: 

These pieces typically cost more than machine-made shoes but are also much more durable, as they’re crafted by hand rather than by machine. The added durability is due to better stitching techniques and higher-quality leather. 

3) Synthetic: 

Synthetic khussa are often a blend of both man-made and natural fibres, making them lightweight yet sturdy enough for everyday wear. The downside is that these kinds of shoes won’t last nearly as long as either handmade or machine-made pairs; however, synthetic khussa do come at an affordable price point.

Who can wear khussa shoes?

Jutti/Khussas are traditionally worn by men but have become popular with women as well. If you plan on wearing juttis/khussas in public, make sure you wear them with full pants; if you go without pants, khussas are more commonly associated with Punjabi men than women, so it could raise eyebrows. 

When buying a pair of khussas, ensure that they fit comfortably and aren’t too tight or loose (if they’re too loose, they may fall off your feet when walking). 

Also, keep in mind that juttis/khussas should be made from leather or another sturdy material; plastic shoes will not last long. When purchasing new juttis/khussas, try them out for comfort before buying.

Where To Buy Khussa Shoes Online In Pakistan & Abroad

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