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The Travel Masks You Need for A Comfortable Vacation - Nirvana Being

The Travel Masks You Need for A Comfortable Vacation

The COVID-19 pandemic took all of our lives by storm. The lockdown restrictions imposed on us were almost alien to us. Adjusting to the new life became difficult as well. However, now the pandemic is slowly coming to a standstill.

As governments around the globe lift pandemic restrictions, it’s the ideal time to take the trip you’ve been yearning for. But, we should not neglect the WHO’s advisory of wearing masks. Compromising your safety is not an option. Thus you should get yourself the best mask for travelling immediately. 

What’s the best mask for travelling?

After much research, the best mask brands in India concur that the best mask is the N95 FFP2 mask. This mask is unique in its design and accepted by global standards. Its >95% filtration efficacy for micropollutants with a size as small as 0.1 microns and the enhanced breathability makes this mask a boon for people who intend to travel. Leading online stores offer these masks for sale at affordable prices. 

However, when getting a mask, we always suggest getting the best one. The best N95 FFP2 masks have features that set them apart from other masks of the same type. 

Features of the best N95 FFP2

  • The best masks use a three-layer mask design. The outer and inner layers are made of linen, flax, hemp, and cotton. The middle layer of this mask uses nanotechnology media that helps in increasing filtration efficacy. 
  • The masks are available in a range of sizes and designs for a plethora of face shapes and types. The best stores offer sizes starting from small and going up to XXL. 
  • These masks have undergone rigorous tests according to international standards. The two certifications you should be looking for are ITS labs and Nelson labs. These indicate high quality and breathability, respectively. 
  • Additionally, the materials used to make such masks will be sustainable. It makes the masks easily washable and reusable. Such masks are also biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly.

Thus, we suggest you get the best mask for travelling today. The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down, but safety is of the essence. That’s why you should get the best protection for yourself right away. Keep yourself safe and secure while fighting the pandemic appropriately. Travel without worry and enjoy comfort even with masks on. Search online and get yourself the best masks today! 


Why is the N95 FFP2 the best mask?
This mask is the best as it has a 95% filtration efficacy. It can prevent you from inhaling PM 2.5 particles, bacteria, viruses, pollutants, etc., of sizes as small as 0.1 to 0.3 microns. 

What is different about these masks as compared to normal N95?
These masks come in a range of designs that you match to your wardrobe. Apart from this, the best N95 masks out of the lot, have enhanced breathability. It assures a comfortable experience when you wear them. They also come in different sizes to suit your face shape and type.

Where can I buy an N95 FFP2 Face Masks?

Nirvana Being, India’s leading clean air solutions company, offers an array of certified N95 FFP2 Masks, tested by Nelson Labs USA, with a nanotechnology filter in the middle layer that has a viral filtration efficacy >96% and a particulate filtration efficacy >99%.

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