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The Importance of Custom Printed Shipping Boxes in the Automotive Industry

The Importance of Custom Printed Shipping Boxes in the Automotive Industry

The global automotive market is unarguably the most growth-oriented market in recent times. From engines to different smaller mechanical parts of the cars, automobile production is a long process. Plenty of parts are needed for an automobile to be assembled completely.

The role of packaging in the automobile industry is very crucial as the components of automobiles are heavy and expensive. They need to be well taken care of and be thoroughly protected while shipping. Amid the protection and care, vehicle components require the global automobile packaging consumers 40% of the overall packaging market.

The highly globalized automobile industry requires custom packaging to attract customers and to keep the products safe. Custom printed shipping boxes with appealing designs and high-quality materials are the best to offer the protection automobile components require.

Types of Automotive Packaging

Expendable Packaging

As the name suggests, expendable packaging is made up of expendable and disposable materials. Materials like paper, plywood, cardboard, etc. are generally used to create expendable packaging. This type of packaging is mostly used as single-use packaging. Expendable packaging can be thrown away or recycled easily. When a vehicle component needs to be delivered to the customer for personal use, expendable vehicle packaging is used.

Expendable packaging is a cost-effective solution for businesses to offer protection to the safe transportation of automobile components. Moreover, the carbon footprint of packaging is also reduced by using expendable packaging.

Returnable Packaging

Returnable packaging is something that can be returned or used again and again. The reusability of returnable packaging makes it an effective packaging solution for automobile businesses. Returnable packaging has plenty of options like racks, containers, pallets, etc.

The manufacturing and distribution system of automobile components is a major business process these days. Returnable packaging makes the packaging phase of these growing processes easy. The major benefit of returnable packaging is that it reduces packaging waste. For both single-use and multi-use consumers of automobile components, returnable packaging has now become a favorite of the automobile industry.

Custom printed shipping boxes

Importance of Automotive Packaging

Protection of Products

One of the most prominent aspects of automotive packaging is the safety it offers to protect the products during shipping. With the increased exposure of e-commerce, both independent customers and automobile manufacturers are buying automobile components online. The major threat in buying online is that the product may reach the customers damaged. Using custom printed shipping boxes that fit the products completely and are strong enough to handle the product keeps the products safe during transportation.

Connecting with a large consumer base is the dream of every business. The growth of the automobile industry implies the manufacturers offer protection to customers to win over them. Automobile components are heavy as well as expensive so customers always prefer the brands that offer compatible packaging as per the nature of the product.

An Effective Marketing Opportunity

The shipping boxes go a long way from warehouse to customers hence seen by a lot of people other than just the customers. During the transportation phase, if your custom printed shipping boxes are attractive, you are attracting customers to your businesses. Automobile businesses need to have appealing packaging to freely market it to the general public.

Moreover, the quality of the packaging is also the extension of a brand’s overall image to the public. The high quality of the shipping box implies that customers will discuss the quality and appearance of your packaging with their friends and family. Their discussion about your brand’s packaging and quality is the marketing of your brand to a large audience without you spending extra.

Reduced Cost

Custom packaging of automotive components is a chance for businesses to build their brand’s image in the eyes of the general public. The use of unique yet compatible packaging by brands may seem to be an extra expense at first but in reality, it’s not. Several e-commerce brands receive negative impressions and reviews from customers because their packaging is not effective. The products that are shipped to them receive their destination in low-quality boxes with the product inside is damaged and broken.

The use of custom boxes that are designed as per the nature and size of the product protects the products while transportation. The quality of these boxes keeps the products thoroughly protected during the shipping phase. Hence, the negative impressions and returns of the product to the business are reduced ultimately building a positive brand image. This positive brand image helps a business build a name for itself resulting in increased revenue.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The general impact of the automobile industry on the environment is negative. With packaging, the negative impact of the overall automotive industry on the environment increases. With the use of sustainable packaging, the automobile industry’s carbon footprint can be decreased. Plastics must be a big no for every automotive manufacturer because it is the prime initiator of environmental issues.

As the basic processing cycle of industrialized products is ‘take, make, dispose of’, a lot of packaging waste is being disposed of. Sustainable packaging, however, even when disposed of, is not a threat to the environment at all. The use of recyclable and sustainable packaging has indeed helped the automotive packaging market in getting acclamation.

Popular Automotive Packaging Materials

There are plenty of automotive packaging options that automotive manufacturers can choose from. The most commonly used of these materials are listed below.

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Foam
  • Foam laminated packaging
  • Wood/Plywood
  • Folding cartons
  • Partitioned packaging
  • Stacking boxes
  • Air filter boxes
  • Rigid boxes
  • Packaging inserts

All these packaging options are sustainable and protective to safely ship automobile components to the public. 

The Bottom Line

The rise of the automobile industry has made packaging essential for every automobile manufacturer and brand. Automobile packaging is mainly adopted by manufacturers and preferred by customers because the automobile components require effective protection. Good packaging enhances a brand’s image to the audience consequently resulting in increased fame and revenue of a brand.

If you are looking for custom printed shipping boxes for your automotive business, Printingblue is your most suitable option. Our team of specialists gives ultimate importance to design and printing details for you to enjoy the most amazing packaging experience.

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