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9 Reasons Table Tennis Is Considered The Best Sport

9 Reasons Table Tennis Is Considered The Best Sport In The Universe

I thought it would be a great idea to share my table tennis love and celebrate National Table Tennis Day.

Every table tennis player, coach, and fan knows table tennis to be the world’s best sport. However, there are still many people out there who do not believe.

So I made a list. There is no better way to convince someone than with a checklist. I could write a much longer list, but I don’t want to bore you with my overexcited ramblings so I have limited myself to a list containing only 9.

Table Tennis

These are my 9 reasons why table tennis is my favorite of all the sports in no particular order.

#1. Money doesn’t matter.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to play table tennis. It’s easy to get a good starter ball for PS20-PS30.

I think table tennis is an indeed “classless” sport. It’s impossible to determine who is rich or poor when you walk into a hall of table tennis. Our sweaty teeshirts and baggy shorts look just as bad on us all as our tracksuit bottoms.

Your background doesn’t matter, no matter how rich or poor you may be. The only thing that matters is table tennis in the table tennis hall.

#2. Table tennis promotes international peace

Table tennis is truly an international sport, even though I may be exaggerating. Everyone plays it.

Over the past years, I have coached many players from England and other countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland over the past years. France, Singapore, USA. China. Canada. Germany. Australia. Russia. Romania. The Czech Republic. Iran. South Africa.

My knowledge of different cultures and countries has increased. I feel at home with my friends from overseas and am part of an international family.

Do you want peace in the world? Give all our diplomats, politicians, and other officials a bat and make them play table tennis.

#3. Table tennis is flippin’ hard

If you’re looking to find something simple, one of those games with oversized rackets (e.g. tennis) is a good choice. Badminton, squash, and tennis are some of the options. It’s more difficult to miss than to get your ball in court!

Table tennis is more complicated. We use small bats and a smaller ball at a small table. There is tiny margin of error. The margin for error is tiny.

It is challenging to play table tennis. It’s addictive. It challenges your brain,and body. Table tennis offers a real sporting challenge.

#4. Table tennis is humbling.

You can feel like a beginner no matter how much you think you know about table tennis.

Table tennis doesn’t have a place for egos. Everybody knows that a stronger table tennis player can make you look stupid.

What can we do about this? We all respect ,encourage each other and learn from the stronger players.

I don’t revel in winning, but we do not over-celebrate the accomplishment. Not at all. A small handshake and a nod to the head are enough. The result may not be as well next time!

#5. Table tennis makes you feel like a ninja.

The table is high-speed. Super-fast. The ball can travel speeds of up to 100kph

In other sports, the ball can also move fast.

Here’s the thing:

Table tennis players are just 3 meters apart. This makes everything feel so much more fluid.

You’ll need quick feet, quick reactions, and a quick mind. You’ll need the speed and coordination to be a ninja.

Few things in life are more satisfying than participating in a fast round of table tennis. Your opponent is playing some fantastic topspin shots. The ball moves from side-to-side. And somehow manage to summon all the ninja strength you have to win the point with a gorgeous forehand topspin.

#6. Table tennis is great for the brain

Research shows that table tennis may help keep your brain active and healthy.

Table tennis players are secretly aware that their brains are sharper and more efficient than the other racket sport players. Now science seems to back up our suspicions.

It all seems to do with stimulating your brain’s hippocamp. I’m not quite sure what that means. I’m not a science expert. But scientists are the ones I trust. I can trust them if they tell me table tennis is good for your brain.

#7. Table tennis is the perfect stress-relief

Life can be stressful. Sometimes life can become a little too difficult for school, work and relationships.

You can play table tennis or any sport to be more fair and inclusive.

You pick up your table-tennis bat and begin hitting some balls. After a few hours, all your worries are forgotten.

But there’s more to it. Your body releases endorphins when you exercise. This triggers a positive emotion.

After your table-tennis workout, you’ll feel great and ready to tackle the problems of life. Thank you table tennis.

#8. You can play anywhere

Table tennis is a growing sport. All over the place, tables are popping up. Tables are everywhere in parks, can be found in bars. Table tennis clubs around the globe have many tables.

Table tennis can be played anywhere. You don’t need a table to make it work, even if one isn’t available. You will need a wood surface and something similar to a net.

The image above is one example. This is me and my family. The children and I are having a casual game of “knockdown the plastic cups” at the table. We have three books as nets.

#9. All ages can play (and win).

Everyone can play table tennis. Every age can play table tennis at any club. The best thing about it is that people of all ages can compete against each other.

A 78year-old can beat a 28-years-old. A 10-year-old could make a grown man weep. Table tennis isn’t all about ‘power.’ To win you need good technique and touch.

Both young and old players can compete with those who have the same physical strength.

Share your table tennis love.

These are my top nine reasons why table tennis is my favorite sport. Do you agree? You love table tennis because of these reasons. Tell us your reasons by leaving a comment below…

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National Table tennis Day

National #TableTennisDay celebrates and promotes table tennis and allows everyone to have fun. This year’s Table Tennis Day will be held on Wednesday, July 12, 2022.

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