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Spider Man No Way Home

Superheroes make plenty of sacrifices in the name of defending the public from villains and anti-heroes, but no one is quite as selfless as Peter Parker when it comes to putting others before himself—and he’s proved it time and time again over the course of his decades-long existence on paper. Take, for example, the recently-released Spider Man: No Way Home by writer Sean Ryan and artist Juann Cabal.

3 Main Traits

Spiderman is one of Marvel’s most well-known characters, and he has always had his own style of web-slinging, including using a pair of wrist devices to shoot webs. But in Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse there are two main upgrades that make Spidey’s spider-sense a whole lot stronger than ever before. First off, his spider sense can no longer just detect danger—it can actually read minds! This turns out to be crucial for Spidey as it allows him to see into other dimensions and learn more about his enemy Kingpin and their connection.

Impulsive Behavior

I wish I could turn back time and change some of my bad habits. Like, yes, I love video games. Video games are awesome, right? (At least that’s what all my friends tell me.) But is it really worth staying up until two in the morning just to finish a level? If I’m not careful, video games can easily become an addiction: an obsession that takes over your life. There are worse addictions out there—like drugs or alcohol—but if you have something like an addiction to video games (or any other activities), now’s a good time to start making changes. Take it from Spider-Man: with great power comes great responsibility, and that responsibility starts with setting limits for yourself and sticking to them.

Negative Thought Patterns

It’s easy to focus on negative feelings when you’re in a stressful situation. You may find yourself thinking, I don’t think I can do it! Or, What am I going to do? These thoughts and emotions are natural and normal but it is important to take control of them. Negative thought patterns have been linked to clinical depression and anxiety. Instead of focusing on these thought patterns, try changing your perspective with positive thinking. Positive thinking involves being optimistic about life situations, which reduces stress and can lead to improved mental health as well as physical health.

A Lack of Planning Ahead

Since he was a small child, Spider-Man has had to save New York City. He’s dusted criminals, saved banks and even stopped alien invasions all while having fun at it. And yet, no matter how many times he swings across the city saving lives, there is still something that lies on his mind—saving New York in ways that no hero has ever dreamed of before. So when Otto Octavius decided to start taking over Peter Parker’s body and forced Peter into hiding for a year from everyone he loved, including Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man could only watch as his city fell apart.

Restricted Interests and Repetitive Behaviors

Children with ASD often have restricted, repetitive interests and behaviors. These are obsessions with a narrow subject (such as jumping on a trampoline or flapping their arms) or repeated actions (such as touching everything in sight or arranging objects by size). They may become very upset if these habits are interrupted or if something is added to them. Restricted, repetitive behaviors can include

Problems with Social Interaction, Empathy, and Relationships

Children and adults with Asperger’s may have difficulty interacting with others. They can be seen as unfriendly or even rude. Others often see them as aloof, cold, or insensitive. The reason for their behavior is they are trying to cope with their inability to interact socially in a way that feels natural to them. It’s not because they don’t care; it’s just how they were born. This inability to relate to others can lead them into dangerous situations.

Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts

If you have been struggling with anxiety or depression, it’s possible that your mental health is affecting your life. Suicidal thoughts can be triggered by a number of factors, including stress, trauma, mental illness and loss of control. If you are having suicidal thoughts and feel like ending your life is your only way out, you should reach out to someone for help immediately. It doesn’t matter if it’s in-person or online—just find somebody who can help before considering suicide as an option. You are not alone; there are resources available to people who may be struggling right now because they’re facing challenging issues such as dealing with anxiety or depression.