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Sonic Easy Drawings For 11 Years Olds

Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds With these straightforward, simple-to-follow drawing instructions and a video demonstration, learn how to create a great version of Sonic.

The most well-known video game character of all time, Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds Sonic has spiky red and white sneakers, the quickest blue hedgehog fur, and an attitude to match. Additionally, one of the most well-known video game characters ever.

The best Sonic art

The 1991 video game “Sonic the Hedgehog” by Sega introduced the quick and blue hedgehog as a supporting character.

Since then, he has appeared as a celebrity in more than 20 video games, television cartoons, and even motion pictures. He has lent his voice to animated movies as well. You’ve come to the right place if you appreciate this teeny-tiny character as much as we do and have been aching to draw him.

Acoustic Drawing

If you follow this step-by-step sketching instruction, you’ll be able to draw a classic Sonic in no time at all. These simple instructions, suitable for use with younger students and beginning artists, make drawing easy.

All you need to finish coloring the picture of Sonic is a pencil, some paper, and possibly some crayons or markers. You can finish this activity without any specialized tools or skills. Easy Sonic Drawing: Reference Guide with Simple and Step-by-Step Instructions

Detailed Sonic Drawing


  • Make the spikes that will be attached to Sonic’s head’s back. Draw six curved lines, alternating between long and short lengths, to get this. Sharp points connecting the lines would make them appear more attractive.
  • Draw a second, smaller oval that sits atop the first to finish the head.
  • The oval’s guiding lines should be removed.
  • Make two curving lines for each of Sonic’s ears. Allow the lines to come together in three sharp points to form a triangle.


  • Draw a tiny triangle within the near ear in step two. Now that Sonic’s head outline is complete.
  • Draw two curved, parallel lines that leave the body and go outward. Draw a second curving line that overlaps the body and doubles back on itself.
  • From the head and arm, remove the guiding lines.
  • Use two curving lines to represent each of the legs as they reach down from the body.


  • Remove the body’s guidelines.
  • Just past the end of each arm, draw an oval. Behind Sonic, add two additional spikes.
  • Between each oval and the arm, draw the rest of the hand. Two curving lines forming enclosed shapes make up the left hand. The left hand is giving the thumbs up.
  • A small oval covering a larger oval and a curved line enclosing a portion of the oval make up the right hand.


  • Remove the instructions from the hands.
  • Within the big ovals of the hands, trace the fingers using a series of interconnected, curving lines.
  • Remove the rules that were around the fingers.
  • Draw socks are worn at the legs’ bottoms. Start by using a curved line to join the leg lines. Next, encircle the shape of the socks using a sequence of three curved lines of varied widths.


  • From the sock, extend a brief, curving line downward. Then, from the opposite side of the sock to the short line, draw a long, curved line. Over the shoe, add two more curved lines.
  • Create the left shoe by drawing two curving lines that converge at a point. Over the shoe, add two more curved lines.
  • Enclose an oval form across the body using a curving line. Draw a curving line that curves from the side of the face to the shoulder. Draw two half ovals with curved lines above the first one. A curved line is used to join the half-ovals together.


  • The head and facial aspects of Sonic will now be finished.
  • Each of the half ovals should have a small, shaded oval inside of it. For the eyebrows, draw a curved line above each eye.
  • To make the nose, draw and shade another oval. Form the mouth by drawing a curved line with a smaller curved line at its top end.
  • To create the tail, draw two short, curving lines that converge in a point.


  • Finish up your drawing of Sonic by erasing a tiny oval-shaped region from each eye and nose.
  • That wasn’t difficult to draw, was it?
  • Your Sonic the Hedgehog coloring page. He typically wears red shoes, white gloves, and socks, and is deep blue with a tan face, stomach, limbs, and inner ear.
  • You’ve drawn a Sonic to completion!


  • We really hope you enjoyed using this lesson to learn how to design Sonic!
  • When you’ve mastered drawing the blue blur, you can continue painting him and possibly change his position, expression, and background because we wanted to make it easy and pleasurable for you to do so.
  • You can do anything, so let your creativity go wild! We can’t wait to see the various drawing mediums, colors, and drawing techniques you use to complete your drawing.
  • Because we routinely publish a tonne more fantastic drawing tutorials like this one, check out our page frequently to ensure that the fun of sketching never has to end!

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