Should You Set Up A Tiktok Business Account?

Another way to monetize your TikTok account is through sponsored content. This is when brands approach you to feature their offerings in your video. In return, they pay you a fee to compensate for your service.

The number of total followers an account has does not result in their posts surfacing higher, or more often, based on the functionality of the For You algorithm. Naturally, those who have a higher number of followers will have more overall visibility, but their posts are not given preferential treatment based on their popularity. Your track record of high-performing versus low-performing videos also does not affect placement. TikTok also notably has the highest engagement of any major social media platform, including the percentage of followers who engage with influencers.

Cross-promotion is key to driving more traffic directly to your TikTok page. Content on private accounts, meanwhile, can only be seen by users a follower has approved subsequent to setting the account to private. Other users are also not able to Duet with, Stitch, or download the videos of private accounts. Since its launch in 2016, TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed. With around 1 billion active users monthly, there’s no denying it’s the cool kid on the social media block. As well as posting consistently, it’s also essential that you spend a good amount of time in the app, scrolling through content as a regular user would.

To top it off, he doesn’t even put much thought into how to phrase the punchline. Do not forget that this is a social media platform, so you should check it out and find out the latest trends to know what works and what doesn’t. You can share that video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform and let your followers know that they can find you on TikTok as well. For example, you may have a business selling beauty products. You can create creative 15-second makeup tutorial videos and post on TikTok. In the last 3 seconds of the video, you can add a promotional frame advertising your own products and how customers can reach you.

Keep some videos exclusive to TikTok to give fans a reason to follow you there. If you are offering up unique content, try making up your own hashtag. If others jump on your trend, they’ll use your hashtag which will drive more views and followers to your videos. This process of evaluation lasts about two hours from the moment you post, so it’s really important that you pick the right time to post!. Read more about buy TikTok Likes here. Find your prime time – the period of the day where the largest number of users are active.

Another fun way to collaborate with other users is by Stitching their videos along with yours. Leveraging trends can get you the eyeballs you need to get rolling on TikTok. To find trending audio or music quickly, you can go to the discover page, select the ‘sounds’ option and TikTok will show you a list of trending audio.

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