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SEO Ranking Factors That Insurance Agent

SEO Ranking Factors That Insurance Agent Companies Should Know

Today, when people shop for insurance, they invariably begin their search online. Are they finding your insurance company when they look? To be easily located online, you need insurance agency SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) attracts search engines to your website so that they match you to prospective customer searches. Unless your company is found on the first page of a Google search, you’re probably losing traffic to your competitors. With insurance agency SEO services, you can attract more potential business to your website, build your lead pool, and sell more of your insurance products and services.

What SEO Ranking Factors Should Your Insurance Agent Company Focus On?

Here, we’ll discuss how to optimize a nationwide insurance agency profile for SEO. To effectively market your insurance company in the digital sphere, you need SEO for insurance companies.

Important SEO Strategies for an Insurance Domain

To begin your SEO you’ll need to develop a plan with strategies designed specifically for your insurance domain. A relevant domain name containing important keywords is a basic element for an SEO plan. Does your current domain name effectively reflect what you do? Does it differentiate your agency from others? Talk to your SEO marketing firm about helping you establish an SEO-friendly insurance domain.

Get Premium Web Hosting

After going through the trouble and expense of designing a world-class website, be sure you have a premium web hosting to support it. In short, if you don’t get quality support for your website and insurance agency SEO, it can’t offer quality digital service to your customers–and that can actually harm your SEO. Premium web hosting is a critical element of your optimization plan.

Buy and Set Up an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate stands for Secure Sockets Layer certification, and it ensures that sensitive data like your customers’ information will be transferred via a secure network. For Google, a secure website that’s safe for customers to use is a primary element of SEO. Your insurance agency SEO plan must include this step or your website is unlikely to enjoy a boost in search engine page ranking.

Keyword Research

Another basic aspect of your insurance agency SEO plan–is keyword research. Your content needs to employ keywords and keyword phrases that people are likely to search for. If you don’t have those keywords, the search engines won’t know that your website can fulfill search queries.

On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO

SEO is a large umbrella term. In reality, there are many tasks associated with improving your search engine optimization. On-page refers to SEO tasks that target your website. Off-page SEO refers to SEO tasks related to your online presence outside of your website such as in online business directories. Technical SEO refers to the SEO measures that are–you guessed it–technical in nature. These might include your website speed, code, and structure.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and meta descriptions impact how your insurance agency will appear on search engine results pages. This data should include information that’s pertinent to the website they’re describing. This type of data is also crucial for your insurance agency SEO plan as it impacts your SEO and ranking.

Page Load and Mobile-Friendliness

To effectively optimize your website to achieve a boost in ranking, you need to ensure that it loads quickly and in accordance with Google’s loading time standards and that it is mobile-friendly. When a website takes too long to load, visitors are likely to bounce; that is, they’ll click off your site and visit another. The search engines know this; they don’t want to steer customers to sites with poor loading speeds.
Additionally, they don’t want to send mobile users to sites that aren’t mobile-friendly because, again, they won’t prove as useful or easy to navigate for customers as mobile-friendly sites.

Create and Optimize Content

Content refers to all the text, video, and images associated with your insurance agency online. Optimized content is high-quality content (professionally written/produced) that also contains relevant keywords. The content should never be overstuffed with keywords, however, because it will be penalized for being poorly produced content. The search engine algorithms are quite sophisticated these days; they know how to patrol for good content.

Link building is also important for your insurance agency SEO plan. Links to high-quality content from trusted sources help you build up your own site’s expertise and authoritativeness, which are important elements of SEO. Ideally, you also want to perform outreach so that other quality websites feature links to your great content.

Social Media

Social media marketing can help support your SEO because it helps demonstrate that your company is actively engaging customers and potential customers. The average American has roughly seven social media accounts. Unless your business is on these platforms–the major ones like Facebook–how can it market to these people who are, by and large, checking into those sites at least once daily?

Set Up Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics to ensure that your SEO initiatives are working. If you don’t measure and analyze, you can’t evaluate how your efforts are attracting–or not attracting–your target audience. Also, ensuring that your website stays optimized requires monitoring. Google Analytics can help you maintain your insurance agency SEO.

Featured snippets are just another way that you can potentially increase traffic to your website. These short snippets of text will appear above Google search results if the search engine determines that your website is an ideal match for the searcher’s query. If you are able to get your snippet to match those queries, you’re likely to see a jump in your organic traffic.

With these ranking factors in mind, you can improve your insurance agency SEO. Noble Webworks can help. We specialize in insurance agency SEO as well as a range of professional digital marketing solutions. Let us put our expertise to work for you. When you contact us, we can partner with you to create an SEO plan that’s customized for your needs. Call us to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.

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