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Rugs Made of Natural Fibers - Floorspace

Rugs Made of Natural Fibers – Floorspace

Many people today find comfort in essence and enjoy the thrill of having things made from natural materials in their homes. Today, natural fibre rugs made of seagrass, wood, coir, jute, sisal, mountain grass, bagasse, wool, and paper are widely available. Each is distinct and has applications throughout your home; they are a wonderful alternative to chemical carpeting, which is dependent on the oil industry.

This article will focus on seagrass rugs as a natural material option for area rugs.

What exactly is seagrass?

Seagrass is a salt wetlands type of grass in rice paddies where seawater flooding is required during the crop cycle. The reeds of seagrass are thick and rigid, non-porous, and smooth. The lengthy reeds are harvested, dried, and spun into the yarns. These fibers then are woven into a variety of patterns to create a smooth broadloom with a long-lasting finish. Seagrass is not ever dyed and is always available in its natural colour, which has an organic sheen and a bright green sage tint that turns brown with age. Depending on the harvest conditions, they may also have a hay-like scent that dissipates over time. No two seagrass rugs are alike due to the texture and colour variations in the weave.

Rugs made of seagrass

Seagrass rugs are composed of organic fibres and are among the most affordable and versatile natural floor coverings on the market today. Seagrass rugs are strong, can withstand heavy traffic, are durable, resilient, stain-resistant, and are allergy and dust-free. It hides most dirt well due to its light coloured, mottled variegated appearance.

Seagrass rugs should only be used indoors. They aren’t suggested for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, or any other damp and humid area because mould and mildew can grow on them.

If you have pets, children, or a highly trafficked area to cover, seagrass rugs are a better option than every natural material area rug.

Backings and bindings made of seagrass

Floorspace Seagrass rugs typically come with a natural latex ready to back that prevents slipping and eliminates the need for a pad. However, if you want more cushioning or protection for your floor, a rug pad can be used underneath.

Bindings are available in a variety of widths, patterns, and materials. These bindings will bring any room together by adding a personal touch. Herringbone cotton, contoured linen, jute, wool, chenille, leather, and suede are some of the basic bindings available. Some people prefer an adhesion that is as nearly perfect as possible.

The size of the binding is usually one, two, or three inches. This allows you to choose how many binding users want to use to complement the colour combinations in your room.

Sizes of Seagrass Rugs

In most cases, seagrass rugs are 13′ wide. Because it did come in 85′ rolls, length is rarely an issue. It is not suggested to sew seagrass rugs together, so bear that in mind when choosing a size. Seagrass rugs could be trimmed to any form that you require. They can be circular, oval, or L-shaped, or they can have cut-outs to cater for areas around with a hearth or built-in. You should look into the custom options available from the store where you intend to buy your area rug.

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