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The Ultimate Guide for Women in Choosing the Right Clothes to Wear for a Dance Class - DAILY BELY

The Ultimate Guide for Women in Choosing the Right Clothes to Wear for a Dance Class

Dancing has gained popularity on social media during the pandemic. Dancing’s popularity might have made you think of going to a dance class.You might have wanted to join a dance class to join the hype.

However, whether you’re a beginner or a novice dancer, one problem you will have to think of is the right dance clothes for women to wear. So, here is your ultimate guide in knowing the right clothes to wear in a dance class.


Ballet involves a lot of precise movements and techniques. Grace and poise are the main points of ballet.

It is best to wear tight-fitting clothes when going to a ballet class. Tight-fitting clothes will help your dance teacher check your posture.

If you buy clothes in a ballet shop, they will suggest the proper attire to wear like unitards, leggings, and ballet shoes.

However, if you can’t visit a ballet shop, any yoga clothings will also work. They’re breathable, and you know you’re already comfortable wearing them.

For shoes, beginners would be required to wear soft ballet shoes. But if you haven’t purchased a pair yet, a couple of socks would be a good alternative. Of course, the best alternative is yoga socks. They have some grip to control some movements.


Loose-fitting clothes are the best choice for a contemporary dance class. Contemporary dance requires free movements.

If you want your body to warm up, you can also wear additional layers.

Contemporary dance is done barefoot. However, you can opt to wear half shoes or foot gloves for more advanced movements.


Just like ballet, jazz dance emphasizes posture. So, it would be best to wear tight clothes like unitards and leggings.

Jazz involves a lot of precise movements. Thus, it is not advisable to wear flowy clothing.

Dancers use jazz shoes for jazz dancing. You can also wear jazz trainers or even dance barefoot.


Most tap-dancing movement is from the knee down. So dress comfortably like leisure clothes or fitness wear. You can even wear jeans as long as you are comfortable.

For advanced classes, there will be more movement and upper body movement. So, clothes that allow free movement will be best.

Tap dancing is known for its special shoes. However, bear in mind that better-quality shoes are heavier. Also, consider the heel height as it should allow you to dance comfortably.


There are many genres of dance that fall under the street genre. It has regained popularity in recent years, and many people are doing street dance on social media.

Street dance is more than just dancing. Some dancers bring in fashion and styling to create a more swag attitude.

If you plan on going to a street dance class, loose-fitting clothes would be best. Baggy trousers and shirts will let you execute various movements while maintaining a street vibe.

Wear your trainers as street dance requires a lot of big and intense movements. You need a lot of grip to help you execute the movements efficiently and avoid injury.

There are a lot of dance classes that you can attend nowadays. Dance clothes for women were designed to help you feel comfortable and move freely simultaneously. So, you must wear clothes where you don’t feel restricted to move.
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