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Fix iPhone Frozen Lock Screen With Phone Repair Store in Santa Barbara

iPhones are magnificent electronic gadgets to have. Their software and hardware esthetics make it unthinkable for their users to consider or switch to any other device. iPhones are masterpieces of engineers with commendable features and designs, but they are also prone to malfunctions and glitches. Like every other smartphone, iPhones also experience grey areas. They are the most expensive devices, and people invest a lot of money in them. Seeing your precious device in such a condition is a nightmare. Imagine getting a mail or text from your boss regarding an emergency task, and your lock screen freezes. Won’t it be the most dreadful sight? You must have a lot of work to do, whether from the office or personal, and you won’t be able to reach your messages, emails, necessary information or other quick features. GadgetFix is one of the top-notch and leading phone repair stores in Santa Barbara. They have provided various reasons, fixes and prevention to resolve the frozen iPhone lock screen. Let’s learn how to fix this problem and get back to your boss in no time. 

Why Does Your iPhone Lock Screen Freezes?

If we talk about various causes for frozen lock screens, one of the biggest reasons is software bugs. These bugs can be a part of your iPhone due to an old iOS software version or a corrupted app. You may take it lightly, but if you don’t update your software, your iPhone will become home to many bugs and malfunctions. Similarly, if an app on your device is incompatible with the software, it will cause your lock screen to freeze. Your iPhone’s frozen lock screen may also be the cause of less storage space. Let’s see how to solve these software issues.

What Should You Do When Your iPhone Lock Screen Freezes?

When your lock screen freezes, the touch screen stops working, so you don’t have to worry about triggering other functions and devices, but it will also cease you from fixing the problem. However, you can put your phone on charge or try to decrease and increase the volume of your device. The success rate of these solutions is relatively low. Your problem may be solved, but you must be ready if it isn’t. Below given are a few persuasive solutions to fix the frozen lock screen issue with cell phone repair shops in Santa Barbara.

Ask Someone To Call You to Unfreeze the Lock Screen

If you are encountering a frozen iPhone lock screen issue, the first thing suggested by Apple phone repair Santa Barbara is to ask someone to call you. You can ask your family member or a friend to give you a call. On a frozen iPhone, you won’t be able to touch or use any feature where a call comes in handy. Your phone will be wakened up with a call. Now you can check and see if your phone has started working or not. 

Restart The Phone

Restarting your iPhone can fix many issues, including a frozen iPhone lock screen. If you are encountering this issue, you must be frustrated. Don’t be hopeless because restarting will fix the problem. You might be facing this issue due to bugs, malware, viruses and malfunctions. If you have iPhone 12, 13 or 14, you must push and hold the power button, and do the same with the volume button till you see the slider. Don’t turn it back on instantly. Wait for a little while and switch your phone on. Check if your phone has started working fine.

Hard Reset Your Phone

Many people think that the hard reset will result in data loss. However, that is untrue. If the restart hasn’t solved your problem, you can do a hard reset on your device. To do this, you must press and release the volume up button, do the same with the volume down button and then push and hold the power button till you see a glimpse of the Apple logo. According to cell solutions and repair services, this method is useful and automatically restarts your phone. Turn your phone on again and check if the issue still persists, if yes, move on to the next step.

Use the Recovery Tool to resolve the issue.

If nothing mentioned above has worked on your device, you can try using the recovery tool, which fixes all the Apple products. If your iPhone software or any app is faulty due to which your lock screen has frozen, you must use this tool to get rid of the fault. Don’t worry about the data loss. It will be safe and protected. You can use this recovery software on your phone and MacBook. According to the phone repair store in Santa Barbara, the software repairs iPhone touch not working issues, blinking issues, software issues, Full storage issues and much more. Ensure that the software you have downloaded is compatible with your device. 

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