Planting seed is a great idea if you want to grow flowers

Planting seed is a great idea if you want to grow flowers. The best time to plant is in the summer, but you can plant seed almost any time of the year. The best time is August-November. The reasons are because temperatures are mild, moisture is plentiful, and rainfall is light.

It doesn’t rain much during these months, which means the soil won’t get wet and the air won’t be damp. Planting is easy, and it is fun. The best way to plant seed is to put them in moist areas like pots, tubs, or bags. You can place the pots or containers outdoors if they are large enough.

You can also put them on the porch or the patio. It is also easy to Flower Seeds cover the pots with plastic or leaves, which can help them to stay moist. It is better to sow several different kinds of seed in one pot than to plant only one kind. That way, you can watch your seedlings and learn about what the different kinds of seed look like as they grow.

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Native and Flower Seeds The best time to plant is August-November, but they can be planted from August-April. Seeds germinate better if planted outside by using the winter weather to break the seed dormancy.

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