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Choose the Perfect Packaging for your Noodles - DAILY BELY

Choose the Perfect Packaging for your Noodles

people prefer takeaways as well. Hence, having custom noodle boxes that are designed in a way that they could assist the customers well is now indeed important.

With custom noodle boxes, a brand can increase its sales and have a better and wider recognition of their noodles. Apart from a perfectly built recipe for noodles, your attractive custom noodle boxes will be the main source for you to get maximum customers. Eventually, your sales will increase, and your brand will reach a new position amongst the market.

Secure noodle boxes for your noodles

Noodle boxes are meant to preserve your noodles. Preserving noodles indicates preserving their goodness and prolonging their expiry. Especially when it comes to ready to make noodles, the boxes must be tightly sealed and packed to keep the noodles safe. A sturdy packaging is important to maintain the hygiene of the noodles.

To provide your noodles with a strong and durable packaging, choose any of the stock materials listed below;

  • Paperboard
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Kraft

These stocks are finely crafted and have a higher tendency to provide safety and maximum thickness. Furthermore, it is in the hands of the manufacturers and their absolute choice to increase the thickness of their custom noodle boxes. By increasing the thickness of your packaging stocks, you will guarantee the safety and hygiene of your noodles.

Time and again, people have highlighted the importance of a thick noodle box. It is a fact that before buying noodles, people determine their quality by examining how thick their packaging is. If a packaging is thick, it means that you have blocked all means for the external environment and the germs to get in contact with the noodles.

When manufacturing a packaging for any food item, it is important to focus on a thicker packaging!

Why do people choose custom noodle boxes?

  • A major fraction of people continuing picking custom noodle boxes amongst a throng of many other noodle boxes.
  • Ever wondered why custom noodle boxes are the most picked and sold out? Customization can provide you with drastic changes, which ranges from a wider brand recognition to a major hike in sales.
  • It is a natural phenomenon that anything that is attractive and owns uniqueness in its style, always stands out. However, standing out isn’t that easy. The competition nowadays is tough in every industry, even the basic of the products.
  • With food items like noodles that have a huge demand, the competition is twice as harder.
  • Every retailer has shifted from an ordinary packaging to a modified and upgraded version of their noodle boxes i.e. custom noodle boxes.
  • The customization benefits can exceed to as long as one can imagine. There are no limits when it comes to customization and a manufacturer is in absolute authority of its packaging.
  • With custom noodle boxes, you can make a simple noodle packaging unique and worth watching.
  • On a shelf, if your noodle boxes are able to grab the attention of the customers, it means you have succeeded in your customization journey!

Personalized noodle boxes are crucial for a brand

Personalization will help you transform your noodle boxes. This way, people will enjoy having your noodles even more. While customizing, your main purpose must be to add to the joy of your noodles. Hence, this can be done only when your custom noodle boxes are highly attractive.

Here are a few amazing and extremely beneficial tips to make the maximum use of customization:

  1. First and foremost, layout the background/ print of your custom noodle boxes. This is going to be the first noticeable thing on your packaging. Hence, it is important to be highly attentive towards box prints.
  2. Once you’re done with designing printed pasta boxes, proceed to add further enhancements and detailing. For an instance, give your logo a finer look by the use of additional features such as embossing or foiling.
  3. With ready for sale food items, it is often needed to add a die-cut window. A die-cut is will let your customers have a look at the noodles before they purchase them. This will help customers satisfy themselves before purchasing.
  4. Lastly, give a final coating to your custom noodle boxes to make them exquisite and serving enough!

Eco-friendly noodle boxes

  • It is paramount to ensure that your noodle boxes are eco-friendly.
  • This will let the manufacturers ensure the hygiene of the noodles.
  • Moreover, since noodles are highly purchased on an everyday basis, it is the duty of every noodle brand to ensure that their packaging can be recycled easily.
  • The stocks such as paperboard and Kraft etc., are known for their nature-friendly qualities. Hence, it will be advantageous to manufacture custom noodle boxes out of these stocks.

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