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Nursery Entrance Admission Tips for International School Pune

Nursery Entrance Admission Tips for International School Pune

Parents will be sure to apply to multiple schools when the nursery admissions season is about to begin so that their child has a decent chance of admission to the finest international school, Pune. It’s normal to forget dates and timelines when you have a hectic schedule and the stress of applying for nursery school admission. 

Parents fail to give their children enough time to prepare for admissions interviews, which is a vital step to getting into the best finest international school, Pune.

Teach Your Children about the Idea of a School

It is crucial to prepare your child for preschool or nursery school entrance since how they interact with others will determine whether they are admitted to their preferred school or not. Being a parent, you can prepare your children for this session joyfully and engagingly which will make it less frightful. 

Even if there are numerous options, selecting the top schools in Pune city might be challenging. Here is a list of some crucial information that every parent should be aware of before applying for nursery admission to help make it a little easier.

When should you begin looking for admission to a nursery school?

A child should ideally be admitted to nursery when they are 3 to 4 years old. To keep your options open and to submit your school applications on time, you should begin your planning when your child is 2.5 years old.

What Kind of Educational Philosophy Are You Seeking From a Particular School?

One of the most crucial details to be aware of before enrolling your child in a specific school is this. The environment, learning styles, and curriculum all have a significant role in education. Your child will benefit greatly from having teachers who specialize in Montessori education if you are looking for a Montessori school.

What Qualifies a Child for Nursery Admission at Your Preferred School?

Find out what the school you like is looking for in a student. Should they be familiar with the alphabet and numbers?

What Paperwork Is Required for Admission to the Nursery?

The standard list of documents includes:

1. Images of a child and parents the size of a passport (keep extra copies handy)

2. The child’s birth certificate

3. The child’s birth certificate

4. Address evidence for the child and parents

5. Special paperwork for kids with disabilities, etc.

Additionally, find out in advance if the school requires any additional documents in addition to the standard ones.

Advice from Pune City’s Top Schools on How to Get Your Child Ready for the Nursery Admissions Interview

1. Gather details

It is generally advised that you, as a parent, are knowledgeable about the entire school admissions process and have a rough understanding of the types of questions that will be asked during the interview. You can better prepare your youngster if you are well informed. Simple sources of information include the school counselor, current parents, etc.

2. Begin preparing

Once you know, you should start preparing them ahead of time to give them enough time to understand the material and ensure that they will remember it for a longer period.

Educate them on a few topics for the nursery admissions interview

1. Introduce them to nursery rhymes.

2. Instruct them in attentive listening and directive compliance.

3. Instil in them the virtues of respect, good behavior, and excellent manners.

4. Ask them fundamental questions, such as “What is your name?” or “Who are your parents?” and show them how to confidently respond.

5. Encourage your youngster to make observations and ask questions about what they see.

6. Request that they carry out specific tasks, such as naming colors or describing the shapes of various objects.

7. Encourage communication by asking open-ended questions to help them develop their abilities.


There is fierce rivalry for schools in Pune City, even at the nursery school admission level, and the available seats fill up rapidly, so be sure to apply early and pay attention to deadlines for submitting paperwork, etc. With these suggestions, hopefully picking the best school for your child and getting them ready for a nursery admissions interview will be simple going forward.

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