NORSTRAT is the best consulting company for your business.It was found in 1988 by Lee Carson,a well known person in the North American Telecom industry. he as with top level executives and has consulted several companies and organisation throughout his career.This company have small and mid_size business which grow fast and more efficiently.

NORSTRAT offer consulting services on binding for its major contracting chances and offer a series of workshops.

NORSTRAT Group of Companies has been in business for over 20 years.

Norstrat is a consulting firm that provides technology and business solutions. They assist clients in everything from software development to existing software. At first there were only four people working in an office that was smaller than the standard living room. Today, they have developed into more than 100 employees working for companies from all over the world.

What do we have at NORSTRAT

No cost consultancy offer

Free meeting with the person of board of directors

Keep for front of your business

Strategic planning,organisation design and supply chain program

Organisation perform track record which prove helping

Your day-to-day operational assistant finder


NORSTRAT helpline essentially by guiding through the government Northern strategy and where the opportunity lie.

By  showing its domain knowledge on the particular issue and opportunities.

by providing proof expertise in engaging, managing and winning.

so this support package to specific need for its each client.

  • It offer consulting services by its expert advice and support cal to its clients needs.
  • provide subjective matter expertise.
  • Answer to its clients question on how North strategy can build provide support for the project recommended for its firm.
  • Explain operational needs procurement strategy.
  • Ensure the management of support offer.

Where not straight locate?

NORSTRAT is based on Ottawa so has be located with Federal government government departments and agencies.

It is close to the headquarter of in Inuit Tapirit Kanatam(ITK)the national organisation protecting of Inuit in Canada.

They  serves clients all over Canada the United States and in Europe.


NORSTRAT had those who have responsibility to build elements infrastructure of Canada Northern strategy.

By showing their wealth of expertise on the topic and dedicating for its client success.

Infrastructure that they talk about

They focus on Canadian Federal government funding projects and initiative communication,satellite,transportation,infrastructure, defence system and investment including house among other.

Some of their infrastructure are:

  • Navigation marketing
  • Polar Continental shelf
  • Expanded Rangers
  • Geological exploration mapping
  • Topographic mapping
  • Canadian polar ice breaker
  • Canadian high Arctic research station
  • Beaufort regional environmental assessment
  • Underwater surveillance systems
  • Polar communication and weather satellite
  • Canadian airbone Maritime
  • North warming system

NORSTRAT as a best consulting company for your business

NORSTRAT is a business that offers unique solutions for people to meet their obligations. They have been in business for over 30 years and are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. They have a team of dedicated professionals who work hard every day to ensure that all customer needs are met.

Norstrat Worldwide set up within North America may be the management force associated with leaky power walls. Its purpose will be to acquire customers and the proposed code of conduct at a lower cost. They constantly advertise productive ways to unlock the real layer of reassuring membranes that come at the expense of sports. Mr. Carson could be a good long-term North American person who ventures into aerospace and a business that includes insurance that aspires to a life of all that is different.

NORSTRAT provide many best consulting opportunity to it’s clients,which are below to discuss;

Professional training

Norstrat offers a full range of training services. Their Business Training Programs help individuals develop new skills and take on new roles facing clients. Norstrat also offers professional development workshops to help professionals develop soft skills and time management.

In addition, they offer a strong nine-month business ownership program, which allows them to learn strategically. This program is designed for managers and business leaders who are interested in establishing an effective consulting company.

It provides a full range of training services to their employee.

They have business coaching programs,which have individual develop,new skills and take new clients facing roles.

They also offer and intensive nine_month program for it’s business owner which make able to learn about strategy consulting. This program designed for executive and business leaders,who interesting for establishing a successful consulting for firm.

Social media monitoring

North state is are specialise in consulting and business development. d provide best result for business in different industries. Their consultant also provide training and marketing that’s the business grow smoothly.

It’s mission is to improve quality based environment by their expertise can be valuable.

Telecommunication Companies

NORSTRAT consultant are experienced and knowledgeable ine latest technologies and services.They the guide their clients through the process that how to implement the Canadian Northern strategy for their business.

It has offices in almost 150 countries and is a trusted advisor to major energy and telecommunication.Their teams knowledge and consciousness in the business field will ensure the success of venture.

Strategic planning and marketing

NORSTAT  is the specialise in strategic planning and also in marketing.

the align business objectives with strategic goal because it is a global consulting firm. it worked for 100 of companies to grow their brands and also improve their competitiveness.

It has many ways to monitor your competition and help you to develop online presence.

Social and economic opportunities for Northerners

It design by the Northern strategy by Canadian government to enhance living standard for the people living in Canada’s Northern.

Canada government launch  NORSTRAT that aim to improve economics and social opportunities for Northern by increasing entrepreneurialism $10 million funds will be used to help developed their business.

they encourage them to create new jobs and tackle regional issues.

Last Word

If  you want need reputation management or just geospatial data analysing NORSTRAT will help you to find the answer you need.

Nor it believes in the Northern strategy represent Canada has maximum important by trading application from 21st century.

  • They would like to have you play your part.
  • Procuement track record
  • Arctic and Maritime domain awareness
  • Arctic long life passion for all things.

They have to create a strategy and developed content for your active marketing strategies.

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