No Credit Score History? Here’s How to Build One

Everything in finance is always important, whether past, present, or future. Everything you do regarding financing will affect the next step in your journey. Therefore, it is important to do financial planning and maintain the same. Credit history is a huge character in this process. This article will guide you on your train of thought regarding building a good and stable credit history. 

Credit History 

Credit history is part of a credit score. As the name suggests, it shows the history of your credit. All the past payments, financial actions, income, and more are recorded here. Credit history is closely connected with a CIBIL score, making it all the more important to check CIBIL score using the CIBIL score app or website. It is looked at first in case of getting a job, loan, and other financial aspects. Without a credit history or an irregular one, it gives the person checking the same the idea that your financial plans are not in a good space and you can’t be trusted with financial responsibilities. 

Building An Efficient Credit History 

Often we take credit cards in our name but don’t use them. However, what you’re not considering is that when you’re in dire need of a loan or similar financial requirements, the first thing looked at is the credit history. If lenders find an irregular, unbalanced, or bland credit history, they tend to get suspicious, which interferes with the approval of your loan. Here are some tips for building an efficient credit history that increases your credit score and financial reliability. 

  • Timely And Complete Payments 

When you check CIBIL score and report using the CIBIL score app or website, it immediately shows all the payments you have made in the past. To generate a reliable credit history, ensure that any payments you get are complete and on time. Refrain from delaying or making incomplete payments. A good and complete payment in your credit history is a green flag to any lender. 

  • Security

Opt for security-based credit cards. These credit cards have some cash deposits as a form of security. The amount is usually the credit card’s limit and can be a relief in case your credit limit is troublesome. Also, avoid having multiple credit cards, which makes the credit history more confusing and doubtful to the lender. 

  • Consider Loans

It takes 6 months of consistent activity to get a credit report which is ample time for you to figure out how to get started with your credit history. If you opt for loans, you may generate some credit history. This can be a personal, home, or any kind of loan. Usually, if you have no credit history, a secured loan is your best bet. You can also deposit some income so your credit can be considered. 

  • Just Right Activity 

Check CIBIL score using the CIBIL score app and see what your credit history looks like. Consistency is key only when you know how to do it right. You cannot go on messing with payments and income because you need a credit history. When you check CIBIL score using the CIBIL score app, it will show you the credit score along with the credit history or credit report. Complete payments on time, check for balance, maintain the limit, and so on. 


When you check CIBIL score, the CIBIL score app will show you the credit report, which is your credit history. Keep yourself updated on the same, so you can continue your financial journey without worrying as planned. You can check CIBIL score for free on the CIBIL score app or website with just a few basic personal details. 

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