Ultimate Guide for Nightlife in Melbourne

Where is Australia’s best nightlife, you ask? When it comes to nightlife, Australia has a very diverse and colorful nightlife scene. But if you want to experience everything a night out can offer, you should look no further than Melbourne.

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria, and we can also easily crown it as a capital of nightlife fun. You can find pretty much everything in Melbourne, from the noisiest clubs to the hottest DJ performances. And if you prefer a quieter evening out, you can also find that in Melbourne.

So, without further ado, let’s see this detailed guide on what else you can do in Melbourne at night.

1.      Bars and pubs in Melbourne

When it comes to bars and pubs in Melbourne, your options are unlimited. You can find many different types of venues, from large-scale bars to small hidden gems such as cocktail and whiskey bars or wine stores. Regardless of what your preferences are, you can rest assured that you’ll find something for yourself.

Kirk’s Wine Bar is located in the CBD and is a perfect spot for a laid-back evening with friends. With a good selection of wines and a Parisian vibe, you are bound to enjoy your night out in this bar.

In case you prefer a more romantic atmosphere, you should visit the Lui Bar. Lui Bar is a cocktail bar located on the top of Rialto tower and it has the best view of the city. It’s a very luxurious bar and it requires a strict dress code. So, if you’re into those kinds of bars, make sure you visit Lui Bar!

2.      Restaurants and bistros in Melbourne

If you’re up for dinner, you’d like to know that Melbourne is home to many different restaurants and bistros. You can expect various memorable venues such as Poodle Bar and Bistro, with its art-deco-inspired venue and some of the most interesting Italian-inspired dishes.

You may be in Melbourne, Australia but you can easily experience the traditional Turkish oriental cuisine in Tulum. This restaurant offers Turkish food with a modern flair to it. On the other hand, if you prefer seafood, you wouldn’t want to miss restaurants and bistros such as Pinchy’s, Waterfront, or Esposito’s.

3.      Nightclubs in Melbourne

Some of the wildest bachelor and bachelorette parties happen in Melbourne. That’s because Melbourn’s nightclubs are some of the world’s hottest. The city is brimming with different types of nightclubs, lounges, and even brothels.

Many clubs in Melbourne are popular for their constantly changing venues that include rock, soul, jazz, and so on. If you like this type of venue, Yah Yah’s is a perfect club for you. Here, you can expect different DJ hosts and bands, an amazing party atmosphere, and two large dance floors.

If you’re up for an exotic and erotic night, you can’t visit some of the hottest Melbourne brothels. Because what happens in Melbourne, stays in Melbourne!

4.      Live Entertainment in Melbourne

If you love live music, you should know that Melbourne also offers many new theatrical productions each week. Different concerts every day, from traditional ones to head-liner concerts.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival can take over the entire city and completely transform it. If you happen to be in Melbourne during this festival, you can’t miss it because this year some of the best shows, as well as big names are expected to appear.

5.      Southbank District

Southbank area in Melbourn is well known for its many galleries, fashion boutiques, small theatres, and interesting bars. If you’re a fan of history and exploring historic streets and alleys, the Southbank district is the right place for you.

You can expect street art-covered alleys, secret rooftop bars, small art galleries, and many similar gems, that can only be found if you like going off the beaten track.

6.      Nigth tours

Night tours are yet another exciting aspect of Melbourne’s nightlife. If you like either crime or ghost stories, you’d be delighted to find out that you can book a Ghost of Melbourne walking tour.

Or you can opt for a night of booze and history on a three-hour Hidden Bars and History Tour. You can expect these and many other similar night tours in the amazing city of Melbourne.

From a quiet night out to a spooky night tour, you can expect everything in Melbourne. There’s something for pretty much everyone. So, if you ask us, Melbourne must be the ultimate nightlife city in the whole of Australia, if not the world!

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