MyMorri: How to Get Started

MyMorri is an online platform that allows you to store and share your medical information with doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers of your choice. It’s more than just a regular patient portal; it’s an entire digital ecosystem designed to help you manage all aspects of your healthcare in one place, from getting your medical records to figuring out which prescription drug will work best for you. How does MyMorri compare to other similar platforms? What’s the benefit of creating an account? And how do I get started?

Create an account

MyMorri is a free, easy-to-use personal analytics platform. It helps you track progress toward your goals and build better habits based on meaningful data. All of your activity within MyMorri—from sleep and exercise to work time and social media usage—is available in one place, so it’s simple to understand what works and what doesn’t. Once you have your account set up, here are some tips for getting started.

Add your first class or degree

If you are new to higher education, MyMorri is a great way to familiarize yourself with how your classes and degrees will work. In order to add classes or a degree, you’ll need two things: Your 9-digit Student ID (which starts with 1) and your mymorri PIN. You can find both of these by logging into MyMorri and clicking on View Student Center. Scroll down until you see Quick Links in grey lettering. Click that, then click Find my Student ID under First Time Here? in blue lettering. Follow instructions from there. Then you’ll have everything needed for adding a class or degree!

Save your progress

MyMorri is a platform that allows you to automatically track your goals, daily activities, thoughts and tasks. To get started on MyMorri, you must first sign up by entering your email address and creating a password. Then, you’ll have to fill out some information about yourself. When you finish signing up for MyMorri, open the app on your mobile device and tap Getting Started at the bottom of your screen. The next step is to complete a profile in which you can specify what skills you want improve as well as any achievements or goals that are most important to you.

Tell everyone you know

You should have your mymorri up and running in minutes. Just follow these easy steps, and in no time you’ll be able to access your college career plan anytime you want! All you need is a computer or tablet with internet access. If it’s easier for you, you can also print out a PDF version of your mymorri from our website so that you can read it whenever and wherever. And if there’s anything we didn’t cover, don’t worry! We want to make sure everyone has all of their questions answered, so just contact us via email or phone at any time and we’ll be happy to help. Good luck!

Update regularly

MyMorri is designed to help you set goals, reflect on your progress, celebrate your successes and easily keep track of what’s going on in your life. If you don’t update regularly, some features won’t be relevant to you. For example, goals won’t move from dormant status unless they are updated at least once a month. If your life is incredibly active or you aren’t sure if it’s worth updating MyMorri regularly just yet, that’s OK! But if not, we encourage regular updates so that MyMorri will continue to evolve and be helpful for you over time.

Use features like What Will it Take?

What Will it Take? helps users determine what needs to be accomplished in order for a goal to be reached. In short, it helps you visualize what steps need to happen before your goal is achieved. To get started with What Will It Take?, type in a single sentence (or bullet point) describing your vision. For example, I want find a new job that is better suited for my skills and experience or I want us all to be working together towards our common vision. Next, you’ll see different scenarios appear that explain how your vision could come true (and show how you’d have moved forward on Mymorri). Click on any scenario, and you’ll see additional information about that scenario pop up—including actionable next steps.

Invite friends!

A social network like MyMorri isn’t worth much if you don’t have your friends on it. Once you sign up, tap on Me in the navigation menu and select Invite Friends. Next, use your phone’s native text messaging function to send a link to MyMorri—you can also email or SMS-blast your contacts, as well as post invites on Facebook and Twitter. The more friends you have using MyMorri, the better off you are; ask everyone in your family who has an iPhone (or Android phone) and any of your work colleagues who aren’t already using it. Tell them about how awesome it is! You might even be able to convince your boss to make it part of company policy that employees must have their MyMorris linked with their corporate accounts so they can track their time. That way, when you look at your calendar from home, you can see what meetings they’re scheduled for while they’re out of town!