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Scenic Drives in the USA with Safety Drive Tips

Most Scenic Drives in the USA with Safety Drive Tips

Several incredible scenic drives across the United States, including stretches of more than 100 miles that span the open ocean. Some routes are famous for their views and the rugged beauty they offer. Here are the ten most scenic drives in the USA. Whether you want to take the natural scenery or take a more adventurous route, these routes will provide you with the perfect getaway. You can find the most breathtaking drive anywhere in America!

Alaska’s Denali Highway is one of the longest drives in the world. Suppose you’re looking for a mountain drive, head north to the mountains. In Appalachian Country, Skyline is one of the best day trips from Washington, DC. The long, winding mountain roads make it a popular destination for road trips. It’s also accessible from the city, making it ideal for those who enjoy driving through the wilderness.

If you want to see or experience the real beauty of nature, head to the Pacific Coast Highway. This road is 500 miles long and follows the coastline. While it’s one of the most scenic drives in the USA, it can be dangerous, with sharp cliffs and no cell service. The trip can be especially memorable if you’re interested in seeing wildlife.

In the south, U.S. Route 1 is the longest and southernmost part of the country. It has 42 overseas bridges, with the seven-mile bridge being the most famous. It makes the islands more accessible to people traveling by car. And since it’s a long drive, you should take your time to see natural beauty. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this drive is a must. When you’re visiting the state, make sure to check the weather conditions, as snow could cause the roads to close.

One of the Grandest Army of the Republic Highway is a famous scenic drive that connects California with Massachusetts. It takes about ten hours to drive without stopping, and you can complete the trip in six days. The Mississippi River Drive can be enjoyed any time of year, but it’s best to avoid July and August when the road is busiest. If you’re going to visit the southern states, don’t forget to take the scenic route!

The Grand Army of the Republic Highway crosses fourteen states and connects the two national parks of Yellowstone and Glacier. The road is paved and passes through pristine forests and open meadows. In Hawaii, the road to Hana is a 45-mile road that has 617 hairpin turns and 56 one-lane bridges. It is a popular drive among American motorists.

It passes through 14 states, beginning in California and ending in Massachusetts. This drive is famous for its beautiful vistas and natural settings. Asilomar State Beach and Spanish Bay are notable landmarks along the way. The 2,000-mile route crosses forests, farmlands, and mountains and is a must-see on your road trip.

The Appalachian Parkway is a 500-mile blacktop road in Tennessee. It offers views of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. It is home to many resident bird species. This road is the most scenic drive in the U.S. and is a must-drive for any traveler. If you’re a nature lover, the parkway is a must-see for you.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are the most popular scenic road in the country, covering 23 miles. It is the oldest and most beautiful scenic road in the USA. Its dramatic landscape, verdant alpine forest, and incredible skylines are worth the trip. Whether you’re a tourist from another county or a local, this drive is sure to be the highlight of your trip. So, plan your trip and enjoy the sights!

Before you visit these beautiful via drive, make sure you drive safe because staying safe on the roads is the top priority, especially when you are traveling with your loved ones.

Here are a few points to ensure drive safely;

  1. Avoid Electronic gadgets while driving
  2. Adjust Before You Begin Driving
  3. Avoid Multitasking
  4. Do not drink and drive
  5. Keep a safe distance from vehicles
  6. Buckle up before you drive
  7. Do not drive on the wrong side
  8. Always give an indicator while changing lanes
  9. Drive within the speed limits
  10. Be well rested

Take the time to review appropriate safety measures like these tips to ensure that you and your family travel safely and happily.
Get driving safety tips while Scenic Drives in the USA in the below infographic;

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