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Magnavox Universal remote control codes - DAILY BELY

Magnavox Universal remote control codes

Magnavox is intended to control almost all TV brands available nowadays. Magnavox tv comes with a remote control but in case if it got misplaced. Then you can use a universal remote control to operate your Magnavox TV. There are codes given specified with the brands to program your universal remote with the Magnavox TV. Here is everything you need to know.

Magnavox Remote codes with brands

Brand NameMagnavox Remote Codes
Daewoo0041, 0127
Dynex0042, 0094, 0002
Admiral0129, 0130
Emerson0070, 0130,0059, 0041, 0127, 0114, 0040, 0038, 0091
Haier0010, 0079, 0078
Hisense0097, 0016, 0133, 0069
LG0122, 0038, 0026, 0017, 0124, 0027, 0021, 0103
Magnavox0040, 0126, 0116, 0091, 0058, 0115, 0110, 0044, 0086, 0018, 0123
Mitsubishi0038, 0128, 0131, 0129
Panasonic0126, 0007, 0106, 0105, 0053, 0109
Philips0086, 0077, 0019, 0115, 0110, 0018, 0123
Samsung0047, 0038, 0033, 0031, 0132, 0102, 0095, 0032, 0034
Sony0029, 0030, 0101, 0043
Curtis Mathes0129, 0127, 0123, 0039, 0132, 0100, 0034, 0041
Brand NameMagnavox Remote Codes
Apex Digital0020, 0133, 0049, 0037
Citizen0090, 0132
Electro band0043
Element0001, 0073, 0088
Hitachi0039, 0111
Insignia0074, 0039, 0130, 0091, 0120, 0103, 0089, 0094, 0040
Megatron0039, 0038
Nexus Electronics0001
Orion0042, 0130
Olevia0050, 0055, 0113

Programming of Magnavox universal remote with keycode method

Turn ON the device

Press the TV button on the remote

Press and hold the SETUP button on the remote light flash that appears on it.

Enter the keycode that you have chosen from the code list.

Press and hold the power button while pointing the remote at the TV.

When the screen switches OFF release the POWER button.

By following the above steps, you would easily program your Magnavox TV with your remote control. If the device is still not operating with the remote, choose another code from the list and repeat the same procedure.

Programming of Magnavox Universal Remote with Code search

Sometimes you couldn’t find the correct code for the device. In that case, you can switch the universal remote control to search mode. The universal remote will find the correct code for you by itself. Then you will use this code to program your remote with your TV.

  1. Turn the device ON.
  2. Enter the 3 digit code (9-9-1).
  3. Hold the POWER button and press the Channel up button until the TV turns off.

By following the above steps you can easily program your universal remote. But it is necessary to find the key code, it can take some time but will end up programming your device correctly. It is very easy to get your remote work by just following simple steps. Once you get the correct code, you are good to program your universal remote with Magnavox TV.