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Learn How to Check Ufone Number & More

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited, a fully-owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, began operating in January 2001 under the name “Ufone.” Ufone has consistently put the needs of its Pakistani customers first, offering them the greatest communication services and products at competitive prices so they can do a lot more than just chat. 

Ufone guarantees the lowest call rates, the purest audio, and the greatest network in addition to giving its customers clear pricing without any extra charges. However, people often like to know the information such as their own number and for that reason many seek for how to check ufone number.

With 23 million subscribers, Ufone is the smallest phone service operator in Pakistan.

It has the smallest market share (12%), out of the four mobile service providers. Before understanding how to check ufone number, look into the history of the business. Under the name Ufone, the company began operations on January 29, 2001, out of Islamabad. Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the president of Pakistan, formally inaugurated the service on that day. In order to form the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group in 2006, Ufone and Etisalat merged.

Even though it only has a tiny customer base, the business frequently develops its offerings and updates technology to better serve customers. This post will explain how to check ufone number along with many other things.

Why Do You Need Ufone SIM Number Check Code?

Ufone is one of the leading telecom service providers in Pakistan. The mobile network operating company, which has over 23 million members nationally, is making an effort to maintain high standards for service delivery.

In reality, Ufone has been successful in spreading a wide range of network connections over roads, highways, and other many areas, strengthening its ties to the user base. As a result, nearly every other user in Pakistan has a SIM card number for the Ufone network.

However, there are issues to take into account if you utilize multiple mobile SIM cards. Users regularly inquire about how to check ufone number as a result.

Easy Ways to Check Your SIM Number

With the most recent methods to check a SIM number’s check code, we have set out to address your question of how to check ufone number in this post. Four effective strategies that are really genuine and have been demonstrably effective for you are included in the list.

How to Check the Ufone Number Code

This is the initial approach we have thought of. The procedure to check your SIM number without a balance is outlined here. The instructions are below.

  • Open your phone’s dial pad.
  • Press or press the dial button after entering *780*3#.
  • Wait a moment while the USSD code is being processed.
  • Once the process is complete, your SIM number appears there.

The simplest way of how to check ufone number is possibly this. The cherry on top is that doing it this way won’t cost you a penny.

How to Find Who Owns a Ufone Number

Users occasionally want to know how to check ufone number on CNIC. Sometimes, it can be because they discovered a SIM card that had been lost. So it makes sense to look for the owner of the SIM number.

You can check the owner of a Ufone number by doing as is described below.

  • Open “Messages” by tapping or pressing.
  • Send a new text to [667] with the subject “MNP.”
  • My Number Please is what is referred to as MNP.
  • You will soon receive an SMS including all the details you require, such as the owner, Phone number, CNIC, activation date, and connection type.

Use The My Ufone App To Check Your Number

The Ufone app has several potential uses. Users are able to see their existing Ufone balance. However, you can review your SIM number using the same approach. Here’s how.

  • Get and install the My Ufone App.
  • Log in to use the app.
  • If you’re new to the app, register.
  • Fill out all the registration details needed.
  • After completing the registration process, touch to start the application.
  • You can view all of the important information, including your Ufone SIM number, remaining amount, and a ton more, there on the top front.

Online Ufone SIM Number Checking Procedure

For any online inquiries of how to check ufone number, Ufone has offered their hotline number [333]. If you would like to verify your Ufone contact number, dial this number to talk with a corporate official in your case. But you need to have a few important credentials before making the call.

You can find your full name and International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number printed on the back of your SIM card, also known as your CNIC or Computerized National Identity Card.

As soon as you get on the phone with the representative, be sure to give him all the information they request, including your name, CNIC, IMSI, and other personal information. The person must provide you their SIM number after the inquiry is concluded. To be safe, we suggest that you have paper and pen with you.

How to Check the Ufone Sim Lagao Offer from Ufone?

You can take advantage of the Ufone SIM Lagao Offer and receive a free bonus for 60 days if your Ufone Prepaid SIM has been inactive for 30 days or more. You will receive 6000 free minutes, 6000 free SMS, and 6000 free MBS of internet from Ufone and PTCL.

You must dial *5000# from your mobile phone in order to activate this offer. After sending the request, you will receive a confirmation message indicating whether you are qualified for this offer or not.

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End Note

With 23 million active users across Pakistan, Ufone is currently one of the top networks there. Many individuals still don’t know how to check ufone number, but after reading this post, they will be able to do so. 

You can easily use many of the methods we’ve shared with you from your mobile device. We have also talked about a few more informational codes that can be useful to Ufone customers. Therefore, use these methods to find your Ufone number on your own without seeking for personal assistance.

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