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Jio Rockers: How to Make Your Own Music Videos

Do you love music? Do you love to sing? Have you ever wanted to record yourself singing your favorite songs and make your own music videos? If so, Jio Rockers may be the best software on the market for you. It gives you the tools and technology to turn your everyday life into an exciting movie project. This article will discuss how Jio Rockers can help you take your musical talent to the next level and create real-life music videos of your own.

Need For Wireless Connectivity

If you’re a music lover, then your playlist is surely full of music videos. Most times, you might have wondered if there’s an app that could help you make your own music videos with all your favorite tracks in them. Well, lucky for you—with Jio Rockers, you can do just that! Here’s how it works.

What are Jio Rockers?

Jio Rockers is a feature of Jio’s VoLTE platform that lets you make your own music videos. If you have a good voice and think you can be India’s next superstar, now you can create and share your very own music video. That said, don’t expect to get famous overnight with just one video—but having some talent or at least a knack for entertainment never hurts. Here are some tips on how to use JioCinemas and JioMusic app better to churn out good-quality rockers. (Source)

How Do You Get Jio TV App on PC?

Now you might have used Android mobile or tab then you will aware of Jio app but for PC you need some setting and install one program on your pc. Before starting talking about how to get jio tv on pc let’s talk about something that is a new feature in jio application. Recently jio introduces features such as video calling, news, movies, songs, and much more. After using all these features users feels there is some drawback because if we want to use any other video call service other than JIO then we need to change our number because currently, JIO supports just only one video call App Cam Truecaller or which can be downloaded from google play store. So let’s start talking about its installation process.

Steps to Create Music Video Using Jio TV App in Hindi/English

jio movie maker app also gives an opportunity to make music videos using jiomoji and simple music cutting tools. Jio rockers are very useful in creating a first attempt at your child’s singing and dancing videos. JIo rocker APP can be used by youngsters, students or even by singers or musicians who love to sing their own compositions. There is no need for any editing software because it is all done in jio rockers itself. Just follow these steps and you will be able to create an amazing music video for yourself.
1) Open jio TV App on your phone and login with your number.

Upload the Audio File on Youtube

When you upload an audio file onto YouTube, it automatically creates a video for that file. That’s how mashups happen—YouTube created a compilation of videos from multiple users, compiled them together, and called it a mashup. It’s as simple as uploading an audio file onto YouTube. If you want your music video on Jio Rockers, here’s what you would do: Go on SoundCloud or Vimeo or wherever you store your own music (hopefully not MySpace). Upload one of your best tracks on there and share it online.

Tips While Shooting

When planning a shoot, make sure you have your ideal crew members on deck. This will include crew for recording video, shooting photos and capturing audio. A good video production team can do it all but depending on your specific needs you may have to break down responsibilities further. For example, if you’re doing a full-length music video then that means there are some potential issues to consider from camera angles and equipment used. Luckily, there are some great jio rockers apps that can help make shooting a music video easier; however, keep in mind that using jio rockers for professional productions is still frowned upon unless approved by producers at Spotify or Apple Music.