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it 96m wirehive vizard venturebeat

96m is a company that has been shaking up the wireless industry with its innovative solutions. With products like 96m Wireless Mesh Networking and 96m Cloud Video Security, it’s easy to see why the company’s name has become synonymous with high-quality wireless technology. But what you may not know is that 96m is also responsible for developing a drone delivery service called it Dronelaunch. In this blog post, we will explore how 96m Dronelaunch works and what it can do for businesses and consumers alike. From offering an affordable, reliable way to ship goods quickly and easily to providing an innovative new way to deliver services, read on to learn more about this cutting-edge technology.

Why 96m?

96m is a venture-backed startup that provides a software as a service (SaaS) platform for automating the management and deployment of infrastructure. 96m was founded in 2014 by CEO Dragan Simic, CTO Mladen Markovic, and co-founder Srdjan Vucicevic.

The 96m platform automates the deployment and management of infrastructure, including servers, storage, networks, and applications. It offers a SaaS platform that integrates with existing platforms such as Puppet or Chef.

The company has raised $21 million in venture funding to date. The company’s customers include JPMorgan Chase & Co.,, and Canonical Ltd.

What is Wirehive?

Wirehive is a venture-funded startup that provides a SaaS platform for connecting businesses with modern technology services. The company offers a suite of tools that let businesses find, review, and connect with vetted technology providers. Wirehive also offers a marketplace for connecting businesses with vetted professionals.

The company was founded in 2013 by CEO Tariq Assaf and CTO Kareem Ammar. Wirehive has raised $8 million in two rounds of venture funding.

Why Venturebeat?

Venturebeat is one of the most popular tech blogs in the world, and for good reason. They have a strong focus on technology and innovation, and they are always on the lookout for new startups and innovative companies to coverage.

One of Venturebeat’s main strengths is their ability to provide comprehensive coverage of startup news and events. They have a team of experienced reporters who are always looking for new sources of information, and they use a wide range of sources to ensure that all the information they publish is reliable.

As a result of their dedication to providing quality content, Venturebeat has become one of the most popular sources of information for tech enthusiasts around the world. If you’re interested in tracking the latest news and trends in technology, then you should definitely check out Venturebeat!

How 96m Wirehive Connects with Venturebeat

Wirehive is a provider of managed networking services for enterprise customers. The company’s technology connects businesses with a global pool of network resources, including servers, switches and routers.

In March 2016, Wirehive announced that it had acquired vizard, a provider of software-as-a-service capabilities to organizations managing large networks. The acquisition strengthened Wirehive’s position as the leading provider of managed networking services in North America.

The integration of vizard will allow Wirehive to offer even more comprehensive managed networking services to its customers. This includes the ability to manage entire networks from one platform, as well as the provision ofConfigure and deploy serverless applications on AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.

How 96m Wirehive Uses Venturebeat’s Content

Wirehive, a provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions, uses VentureBeat’s content to supplement its marketing efforts. They use the site to identify trends in cybersecurity, and then tailor their products to address those concerns.

“We think that [venturebeat] is a great resource because it’s very authoritative,” said Corey Smith, director of product management at Wirehive. “It helps us understand the latest issues in the industry.”

Smith added that Wirehive also looks to venturebeat for inspiration when designing its products. “A lot of our design philosophies come from what we see on [venturebeat],” he said.

The company has been using venturebeat for about two years now, and plans to continue doing so for as long as it feels like the site offers valuable information.

What is the Value proposition for 96m Wirehive?

96m Wirehive is a subscription-based software as a service that helps businesses automate their wire management. The company offers a suite of tools that help companies streamline their wire management processes, including 96m Wirehive Vizard, 96m Wirehive Forms, and 96m Wirehive Reports.

96m Wirehive offers several features that make it an invaluable tool for businesses. First and foremost, the subscription-based model allows businesses to access the software at any time and anywhere. Additionally, the suite of tools offered by 96m Wirehive is comprehensive and includes features such as wire mapping, activity tracking, communication management, and automated wire maintenance.

What sets 96m Wirehive apart from other wire management solutions is its focus on automating business processes. With 96m Wirehive Vizard, businesses can quickly create custom forms to capture information about wires and their associated tasks. This information can then be automatically tracked through the use of reports and scheduled tasks. Finally, communication within your organization can be managed effectively with the use of 96m Wirehive’s communication tools.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive and stylish portfolio website, 96m is the perfect platform for you. With its wide variety of templates and customizable features, 96m makes it easy to create a site that perfectly reflects your brand and personality. And with its responsive design, 96m will look great on any device or screen size. So don’t wait any longer – start working on your 96m wirehive vizard venturebeat today!

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