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Is Prime Laser the Future of Hair Removal?

Is Prime Laser the Future of Hair Removal?

Like every other field, the hair removal market is also evolving from a technological point of view. Advanced laser technologies are getting introduced, which are more effective at removing hair follicles and are gentle to the skin at the same time. Prime laser hair removal in Bradford is a patented product also known as Primelase, which provides the most efficient diode hair removals and is also adaptive to the widest varieties of skin types and colors.

In this article, we will learn how prime lease technology works and how it is better than other forms of laser-based hair removal treatments.

How Does Prime Laser Hair Removal In Bradford work?

Prime laser is a new advanced laser diode technology capable of providing the most effective solutions when it comes to hair removal while maintaining the skin’s quality and smoothness. The prime lease device is made certain that its rays will only affect a specific color spectrum and will be like normal light for the remaining part. Unlike the typical laser hair removal solutions that burn the hair, the prime laser hair removal system disintegrates each hair follicle from the inside, providing the best possible results.

The damage done to unwanted hair is permanent and prevents the regrowth of the hair for a long time. Prime laser hair removal in Bradford can provide you with a long-lasting smooth hairless skin that you can cherish for times to come. The other benefit of the process is that it can be done on any skin type and color, which is not that easy with the form of laser hair removal that was earlier used. Unless a client has any condition which makes their skin sensitive to light, it is perfectly normal for every individual to undergo this hair removal process. 

How Is The Hair Removal Procedure Done?

The prime laser hair removal treatment is fast and doesn’t take much time, but some preparatory and post-treatment stages require tasks to be done. The entire process is performed in the following stages,

  • Preparation before treatment – The laser burns every hair from the roots. To prevent any surface burns, shaving the area undergoing the hair removal procedure is recommended. Also, any other form of hair removal systems like plucking, waxing, or any method that removes hair from the root should be avoided.
  • Hair removal procedure – The person carrying out the treatment would like to know about the nature of your skin and will also check closely to identify any cuts or damages to your skin. Then based on your skin type, the laser’s intensity will be set, and the area will be covered with an ultrasonic gel above which the laser head will be moved gently to burn away all the hairs.
  • Post-treatment care is not much complicated; avoiding direct sunlight on the area of treatment and preventing hot baths are the only guidelines provided by the professional.


Prime laser solves many problems that were previously used to accompany laser hair removal processes. But with all these advancements, it seems like prime lease is the future of the hair removal industry.

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