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Ways To Fix iPhone 14 Proximity Sensor Issue By Cell Phone Repair Shop

Being an iPhone user, you must have heard about many new features, one of which is the iPhone proximity sensor. A sensor can detect whenever your iPhone is near your body, and it shuts down and turn the screen black when it is not in use. When you are on call, it avoids accidental usage and saves battery. We have many new features in iPhone 14. Apple has outdone itself by giving us dynamic island features and much more. Not only that, the outer look and design of the iPhone 14 are unique, sleek and beautifully engineered. From its colour to its camera, everything is on point. We can’t neglect the fact that iPhones have commendable features, and we can’t stop ourselves and keep using them until the battery gets low. Even with your wireless charger and power bank, you still need to keep your phone charged all the time. You must have observed that whenever you receive a call and bring the phone near your ear, its screen locks and shutdown. It happens due to the proximity sensor. This feature first came in 2007 and has been an essential part of the iPhone since then. Many people come to cell phone repair shops and complain that their iPhone 14 proximity sensor is not working. Vantel has given a few solutions to fix the sensor not working. 

Five Reliable Fixes for Proximity Sensor Issue

Apple iPhones are like every other gadget. They may have exceptional features but are prone to damage and malfunctions. The proximity sensor issue happens due to several reasons, which are screen replacement, factory defect, hardware issue, software issue, and dropped phone. Let’s see how to fix the sensor not working problem. 

  1. Hard Reboot Your iPhone 14

The most common fix to resolve the iPhone is a hard reboot of your phone. This fix works if your phone is performing slowly or hanging. It will remove all the malfunctions, bugs, malware and viruses. Doing this will free up your phone storage and also improve the speed. iPhone repair shop suggests that this is a helpful and essential fix that will help the proximity sensor issue. To hard reboot, press and release the volume up button, do the same with the volume down button, and finally, press and hold the power button until you see the Apple logo. Your iPhone 14 will start to work. If it won’t, move on to the next step.

  1. Remove the Screen Protector and Clean The Screen

Remove the screen protector and clean the display if your sensor is not working. When we use our iPhones too much, they undergo wear and tear. It is essential to keep our phones cleaned and maintained. Screen protectors are made up of different materials and designs. Some protectors may not be acceptable for your sensor. Cell phone repair shop advises you to take a clean and soft cloth, the one you use to clean your eyeglasses. Clean the sensor and wipe the stains and dust away. You must also remove the protector and clean the whole screen. Try changing the protector. It might be causing issues with your sensor not working. The screen of your iPhone 14 is sensitive to water and moisture. Ensure that you are using a soft and dry cloth. 

  1. Update iPhone 14

When you keep using software for a long time without updating it, problems start to occur in your iPhone. Apple releases iOS software to fix glitches, bugs, malware and viruses. As an iPhone user, you must know that updating software is essential for your phone’s health. It is good for your hardware, apps and other features. These updates also come with security improvements and enhancements in the patch. Before downloading and installing the update, ensure that your internet is working fast. Let the upgrade finish. If it stops in the middle, it gets stuck in the recovery information phase. To update your phone, go to settings, general and click on software update. The mobile phone repair store in Vancouver recommends checking the available update. If yes, download it instantly.

  1. Restart Your iPhone 14

Sometimes, the biggest problems can be solved by minor fixes. You might have heard about this fix so many times. If your phone is acting up and you are worried about it, you must restart your iPhone 14. It will take out the bugs and glitches from your phone, refreshes it and exclude the issue. Turn off your iPhone 14 and wait for a few seconds before turning it back on. Let it shut down its features completely. When you’ll turn it on, the issue will be gone, and the sensor will start working again.

  1. Factory Reset iPone 14

This is the last way to fix the iPhone 14 proximity sensor not working issue. Cell phone repair shop suggests factory resetting your phone if you have tried and tested everything. Although, it will delete your data in the process. It is better to back up your data to an iCloud or any other external drive. Go to settings, general and click the “erase all settings and content”. If you haven’t backed up your data, it will give you a choice to do so. After that, enter your Apple ID and start the procedure. \

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