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Important test anyone should perform before traveling abroad. - DAILY BELY

Important test anyone should perform before traveling abroad.

Whether you are traveling abroad for studies, work, visitation, or vacation, there are several requirements that you must fulfill to cover your bases completely. One of them is medical compliance.

Before embarking on any international trip, it is a requirement by most countries to do medical check-ups to verify your health status and avoid future problems. But what are the primarily recommended tests people should do before traveling abroad? Read the post for this and many other important information on international travels.

Benefits of medical tests before traveling abroad.

There are several known and unknown benefits of taking a medical test before flying out of your country to another, including;

1.      Pre-travel testing helps identify existing and new illnesses alongside those they are at risk of contracting once they are in the new country. Once they are identified, relevant measures can be taken to contain, prevent, or manage them effectively.

2.      Minimizes the need for an overseas healthcare system. This is specifically important for people traveling to underdeveloped countries or more remote areas.

3.      Ensures the treatment process of the pre-existing condition is maintained with less disruption.

4.      In cases where high-risk conditions are identified, testing allows individuals to get preventive strategies such as vaccination, lifestyle change, or immunization.

5.      Reduces costs and streamlines decision-making when insurance coverage is being considered.

6.      Allows the issuance of insurance based on data-backed details about health conditions and what is required.

Important medical tests you should do before traveling abroad.

There has been a widespread need for medical requirements for various visa application processes in recent years in the wake of global epidemics like covid-19, swine flu, and Ebola. This has prompted different countries to require full medical check results before allowing people to their countries.

For this and other reasons, it is important to know what types of tests the specific country you are visiting needs since the requirements vary across the countries.

But generally, most countries need a medical history report, physical examination, blood tests for infections, illnesses, and chest X-ray. Blood tests and chest X-rays are not required for children below 15 years.

It is advisable to have your medical records and prescriptions updated before applying for a visa to any country abroad. Below are some of the important medical tests anyone should perform before traveling out of their country.

1.      Blood tests.

A blood test is a lab analysis done on a blood sample usually drawn through the fingertip or vein in the arm by the use of a hypodermic needle.

This test can give accurate information about blood count, kidney and liver functions, and different forms of Hepatitis, HIV, and HPV. Usually, there are no special preparations needed to perform a blood test.

2.      Chest X-ray.

This test is performed to diagnose persistent coughs, shortness of breath, chest pain, fever, and injuries. Also, it can help monitor medication for different lung conditions like emphysema, pneumonia, and cancer. It does not require special preparation to be done.

3.      Urine tests.

Urine tests are done to diagnose various urinary tract infections. Diabetes, kidney disorders, liver problems, and different metabolic complications. Before doing this test, you need to give full information about OTC medications, prescriptions, and supplements you are using.

Medications and hidden usage of supplements may distort urinalysis results. It is, therefore, a requirement that you surrender any medicines you are using to the laboratory technician in their original and clearly labeled container.


Traveling abroad has a lot of considerations owing to the diversity of each country. One of the notable ones is medical conditions and compliance. To beat this, people should be able to show proof of their health conditions to allow for safe and healthy cohesion with others in their respective countries.

While there are a lot of tests that should be done, the most common ones include urine tests, blood tests, and chest X-ray tests.

Good Luck and Safe Travels.