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Impact Of Technology On Education - DAILY BELY

Impact Of Technology On Education

In the last two years, what we have looked at, is technology changing the face of education. Technology is not a newly developed concept and has now existed for a few decades. But in the recent past, the innovations and developments made in this field have brought about a revolution.

The world is now a smaller place and is far more connected than ever before but the opportunities ahead of us are infinite and the picture. That is painted in front of us is a large one showing us how far wide the world is and how far we can explore using technology.

Adding to this are the benefits of the internet is widely accessible and easily available across. The world and in even the most remote parts of our own country. 


So has been the case with the field of education. With technology and internet access, the online education system could come into existence and be used by teachers. Students and all other members of educational institutions across the country.

With the help of devices, technology and the internet. It was possible to build an education system in the online space and also make it useful for the students and teachers and also the school and colleges authorities.

This system of education was important to be put in place to ensure. That teaching and learning took place without any halts during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns imposed due to the same. The entire world had come to a pause but education continued without much difficulty.

While there was a pause at the beginning of the lockdown. When there was practically no proper system that existed for classes to be conducted but teaching and learning soon resumed.


Even when classes were not being conducted regularly. Teachers and students communicated and some online methods were devised to share course content and help the students to learn on their own.

nline education system initially was built on the basis of just a few websites and apps that were used by. Students and the teachers to conduct and attend classes.

With time the number of education apps and websites has increased largely and we have the option to find the best app to teach online. The best app for self-study. the best app for online classes and so many other types of education apps to choose from. 

It is now two years since the first lockdown due to. COVID-19 pandemic was imposed and shortly. Afterward a few online apps and websites were launched to kickstart online teaching and learning. In the time when there were no specific apps to support.

The education system, many teachers, students and even. Parents were anxious as to how the classes will be conducted, how the students will learn and how this academic year will proceed.

Many questions were raised and people were extremely worried about education. The online education system. It was introduced, was also questioned by many people and not many people were able to understand how this system would even be useful.

Teachers And Students

The system was also slightly difficult to adapt to. the teachers and students. Who were very familiar with the traditional system and also very used to the offline methods of teaching and learning. 

Two years ago, not many people would have believed that online learning or online teaching could prove fruitful. No one would also have believed. Online education system would be in effect for so long and be used so widely across educational institutions around the world.

With all the benefits that the online education system has offered. Changes that have been implemented due to this system. We can now see technology and the online education system as the future of education. 

The online education system has made teaching. learning and all other activities related to education more flexible. Offered more choice to everyone, and is a much more inclusive system of education. This system of education has been beneficial and shown to.

The world that learning can take place from anywhere and at any time. This system has also offered sources and tools to people. No longer enrolled in educational institutions to learn and grow.

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