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Best Hostel School in Delhi NCR

If You Are Looking For Boarding School, Here’s What You Should Know

The weight of the world rests on our future generation of stalwarts. And, to strive for the best, the fundamentals of getting good education should be in place. Take Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as an example, he also went to a boarding school. Even gold medalist Abhinav Bindra hailed from a boarding school. There are many such examples of stalwarts belonging to a boarding school. And your child will also benefit intellectually from any of these best hostel school in Delhi. In an enabling learning environment where children cohabit and strive for the best, boarding schools are surely the best. If you are someone looking for the perfect hostel school in Delhi then consider a few things before choosing one for your child.

To make your child self-reliant and contribute to being the intellectual backbone of this country, here are a few things you should look at as a parent before picking the right school.

  • Prepare a list of schools that you feel would farewell for your child. Start by looking for boarding schools that are not geographically challenging for you and your child to stay connected. You can look through any school’s extensive network of alma maters to have an idea of what your child might expect as an attendee. What do they offer? How holistic are the activities during school hours? How supportive are the in-house staff? All these burning questions should be in your mind.
  • A school’s curriculum defines it the best. If academic rigor is missing, your child’s intellectual growth will face a sudden halt. Take into account – a school’s faculty, learning and assessment structure, and how well-balanced it is to help your child get the holistic growth their character needs.
  • How safe is the school? Leaving behind your child inside the four walls of an institution is not a joke and is never easy. Choose a school that takes security as seriously as they do with their curriculum. Do they have guards on duty? Do they have anti-bullying measures? Can your kid seek out a redressal in case he/she feels unsafe? Ask these questions before choosing a hostel school.
  • Quality education also comes at a price which is why fee structure is an important aspect of finalizing your decision. The fees are typically higher but consider the amenities your child will be getting. Are they just comfortable or more than enough for your child to have a flexible living inside the hostel? One choice should not be at the expense of the other. For instance, a good school might charge you less but will have depleted amenities. So, access to amenities should be non-negotiable.

What are the other options?

If you are someone who’s still quite apprehensive about the boarding setup, here’s another option for you – day boarding school. School time is critical to a child’s intellectual growth but that does not always have to be a full-time boarding option. So, if you are planning to choose a day boarding school for your kid, then here are a few pointers for you.

  • Do they have a comfortable transport facility? Mostly, if not everyone, boarding schools, offer shuttle or bus services where they pick and drop your child. If they do have buses, are these drivers trained and certified? Are these buses crashproof? Has there been any history of accidents?
  • From the schools which you have shortlisted, check if these institutes have a well-balanced diet which they provide to the kids.
  • Are they well-equipped with labs and next-gen teaching facilities? Smart learning is the future and if a school does not have tech-enabled learning, your kid will miss out.

So, what are you waiting for, find the best boarding or hostel school for your kids and start building a bright future? Because in school do these kids chart the uncharted and build a consolidated future. 


Are there any eligibility criteria for children applying for a boarding school?

Some institutes take interviews of their parents as well as the child. Admission often depend on these interviews.

Can I visit my child often?

Weekly visits are allowed for some hours. But rules and regulations differ depending on the institute

Does day boarding school offer lunch?

Most, if not every school, offer lunch.

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