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How to use a kids hoverboard?

How to use a kids hoverboard?

Driving a hoverboard is quite simple and intuitive, even if it may seem difficult at first due to the fact that you always need to keep your balance. This vehicle is controlled with your feet, as kids hoverboards have sensors and a gyroscopic system (that is, which maintains orientation) integrated into the platforms.

To move, the only thing to do is lean forward, backward or sideways depending on where you want to go. Even if the original models don’t include this, there are some types of kids hoverboards that have handlebars; in practice, to be able to move using this means, you simply need to have a good balance.

What exactly is a kids hoverboard?

A hoverboards for kids is an urban vehicle with two wheels, which works thanks to two motors powered by a rechargeable battery; the two wheels are join by two small platforms – equipped with internal balance – on which the user will place his feet.

Where does the name hoverboard come from and what does it mean?

The whole thing is very curious: usually, the names carried by these objects are those of the industries that distribute them but, as far as hoverboards are concerned, their name (literally, ) references the flying skates used in the Back to the Future and Back to the Future II films.

Obviously, the kids hoverboards we see in cities and urban areas don’t fly, but their design, the way they move, the fact that they have wheels and that they run on rechargeable batteries, actually make them similar to the skates used in those very famous science fiction films . Some, on the other hand, consider these means to be the evolution of skateboarding.

Can a child use a hoverboard?

Certainly! As we have already said, the use of hoverboards is very intuitive; therefore, it is easy to understand how children can learn to move with it more easily than adults. However, it is important to remember that these vehicles are not toys, that you need to take some precautions and follow the safety rules to avoid getting hurt.

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a hoverboard?

At the moment, these new means of transport are not yet regulate in Italy, so there are no precise rules. Generally, however, the use of a helmet is not mandatory, even if it is highly recommend as it allows you to protect yourself from drivers of other types of vehicles.

What are the advantages of getting around on a hoverboard?

We are in the 21st century, cities and urban areas continue to grow dramatically: getting around, whether to go to work, school or simply to go for a walk, is becoming more and more complicated. Hoverboards have arrive precisely to try to solve this problem, bringing a series of advantages which are illustrate in the following table.

  1. Advantages
  • No fuel or maintenance fees required
  • No cables are need, except for the one to charge the battery
  • As it is electric, it is 100% ecological
  • Small and portable, it is ideal for taking to the places you frequent
  • Disadvantages
  • It is not possible to carry passengers or companions
  • Not recommended on rainy days, as it can be dangerous
  • Unusable for large distances

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