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How to Select a Suitable Preschool in Singapore?

How to Select a Suitable Preschool in Singapore?

Singapore is home to many ex-pats from different countries. For families having kids, the choice of a preschool in Singapore matters a lot. There is an obvious need to find the best school to set a sturdy foundation for children. Moreover, they also want a school that keeps their child close to their roots, helping them adapt to the foreign environment at the same time. Thus, parents need to stay vigilant and know the basics of selecting the best preschool in the country. 

The only challenge you can face in this decision-making is the availability of countless school options. It can get overwhelming for you to narrow these options and reach out to the best school in Singapore. Therefore, let us discuss the factors which can help you choose the suitable preschool for your child in Singapore. 

Tips for selecting a suitable preschool in Singapore

Seek References or Research

You can seek references from fellow parents, asking them which school they would recommend. Do not blindly follow their suggestions; give them preference but do your own research to find the best school. If options are too many, you can refine them by putting the budget, location, and other constraints. 

Curriculum Plan and Programme

Check the teaching methodology and curriculum plan offered by the school. The option that most parents opt for these days is Montessori learning. It focuses on the holistic development of your child, giving all the facilities to explore every possible aspect of education. 

Amenities at School

Check the amenities offered by the school, and make sure your child gets everything he needs to build a stronger educational foundation. For example, there should be activity areas and setups for practical knowledge and highly engaging classrooms. This information is available on the websites. If not, you can always visit the school and check for yourself. 

Safety Features

Safety is another concern of parents sending their children to a preschool. An unhealthy and unsafe environment will impact the growth of your child and will affect their personality development. So, every parent should check the safety norms followed by the school and ensure that they are doing their best to provide a healthy environment for their child. 

Student-Teacher Ratio

Another vital factor every parent should check is the student-teacher ratio in a preschool. Children at this level of schooling are young and require personal attention. Thus, it is significant to enquire how many children a single educator has to handle. Make sure this number is low so that the teacher can focus on every child equally.

Meals and Nutrition

Most preschools offer meals or snacks to children. Check what they serve, ensuring that it meets the nutritional level of your child. Moreover, you can also ask the authorities if you can send home-cooked meals for your child.

Considering these factors, you can choose the best school for your children in Singapore. Make sure you do not skimp on the research part and explore every possible option that stands tall on your expectations. Plan a personal visit to the school on a working day and observe the environment thoroughly. It should be nurturing and happy, where you feel your child would feel comfortable and happy. Take this decision after careful analysis, as it can make or break your child’s life.

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