How to save and share online videos with your friends?

If you want to save videos from the web and share them with your friends, you have landed in the right place. In this post, we are going to tell you about the best ways using which you can download videos from the web and then share them with your friends or any other person you want.

We have divided this post into two sections. In the first one, we will tell you about the tools that can help you download video clips from the web, and in the second one, you will find details of the free tools that can share video clips with your friends. 

Best ways to download online videos!

It was almost impossible to save videos from the internet. Still, today you don’t have to worry about saving clips from the web as modern technology has provided us with solutions for this problem. 

Use the internet download manager

The easiest way to download videos from the web is by using the internet download manager program. The internet download manager, aka IDM, is a software program you can install on your device. This downloader manager is a paid program that can help you grab all kinds of videos from various websites on the internet. Here, an important thing that you need to know is that IDM can work on all kinds of devices and is one of the best programs you can rely on to download video clips from the web. 

Use free video downloaders

If you don’t want to install any specific software to download videos or can’t afford paid software, then don’t worry; you can always use the free tools. You can find hundreds of online video downloader tools on the web. You need a browser and a strong web connection to download video clips using the tool. The working process of the online video downloader is quite simple. You have to copy the URL of the video that you want to download on your device and paste it into the URL box of the tool. After inserting the video URL, you must click on the ‘download video’ button. The tool would take seconds to save the video from its source. Today you can easily download videos from any website in your desired quality and format. You have to pick the best video downloader.

Use video downloader applications

We live in an era where the number of mobile phones has exceeded our population. All of us have at least one smartphone in our pocket. Today people are more inclined to do personal and professional work on smartphones. So if you want to download videos on your smartphone from where you can easily share them with your friends, you need to install a video downloader app on your mobile. You can find hundreds of free video downloader apps on the application store of your mobile. You have to pick the one who can save videos from multiple websites and in good quality. The working process of the video downloader apps is quite simple, and even a newbie can know how to utilize these apps.

Use the screen recording feature on your device

Platforms like YouTube don’t allow you to save videos from their interface, no matter how good your video downloader is. If you want to download videos from restricted sources, you have to use an unconventional method. You can use the screen recording feature on your mobile to record the video and save it on your device. You can also install screen recording apps on your desktop or laptop. This method is both simple and easy.

Now that you know how to save videos on your device let us have a look at the best ways using which you can share videos with your friends. 

How to share saved videos with your friends?

Here we have mentioned the best way to share videos with your friends:

Use Google Drive or one drive

If your video size is large and you cannot share it via WhatsApp platforms, you can easily use Google drive. You need to open Google Drive on your browser and use the upload options to paste the video on the drive. Once the video is uploaded on Google drive, you have to right-click on it and get its shareable link. Anyone who has access to the link can watch the video and even download it from the drive. You can share the link to the video with your friends.

Upload the video on YouTube 

You can make the video public so anyone can view it. After uploading the video on YouTube, you can share its link with your friends. They can watch it online on their own devices. You can use the privacy settings of YouTube to select the viewers for whom you are uploading the video. If the size of the video is too big that you cannot share it via drive, you can also upload the video after creating a YouTube channel.

These are the top two ways to share videos with your friends!

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