How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 80070057

Are you tired of dealing with error 80070057 on your system while working on QuickBooks? Then, don’t worry we are here to assist you by giving all the detailed information related to errors to resolve them. Error 80070057 means that you don’t have permission to delete or eliminate the QuickBooks files in a specific folder. For this, you have to read this post till the end to know everything about the simple troubleshooting methods. So, let’s begin:- 

What is QuickBooks Error 80070057?

QuickBooks error 80070057 is the most common error that appears when you try to open a company file and this is a run-time error in QuickBooks. It is related to the communication issues with the company file over the host or server. 

Whenever this error appears on your system, you may receive an error message that states: “80070057: the parameter is incorrect”. OR “Error status: 80070057 the parameter is incorrect, or you do not have sufficient permission.”

Causes of Error 80070057

Here are some of the following reasons behind QuickBooks error 80070057:-

  • When there is an issue with in-network data (.ND) files. This error may occur when you try to delete the network data files on the host system. 
  • Firewall or internet settings are not appropriate as per the requirement. Configuration of firewalls halts the communication path. 
  •  When you try to open the QuickBooks company file from a shared folder and that folder only has access to the server or host.
  • The extension of the company file may be damaged. 
  • When the installation of QuickBooks is damaged.
  • The third-party firewall was not configured with QuickBooks.
  • When you regularly back up the file and the last step is not successful.
  • Before saving the company file, you tried to open it.
  • The QuickBooks extension like the .qbm, .qbb, and qbx file extension of windows is wrong. 

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Methods to Resolve the Error 80070057 QuickBooks

Below we mentioned some easy methods that help you to troubleshoot error 80070057 from your system:- 

Method 1- QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • Initially, open the QuickBooks database server manager on the server.
  • Then, rescan the company file folder. 
  • Now, in the windows taskbar search for the QuickBooks database server manager and open it. 
  • After that, select the add folder or click on the scan option. 
  • Then, move to the folder location and choose the folder
  • Click on the scan then either delete it or rename it. 

Method 2- Use Desktop Communication 

  • Firstly, configure the Bitdefender and allow QuickBooks Desktop communication
  • Now, move to the menu of Bitdefender 10.0 and tap on antivirus.
  • Then, from the scan choose the Exclude oath.
  • Click on the new item
  • Lastly, select the UNC path or mapped drive to get the location of the file. 

Note:- also, verify the connectivity errors from both workstation and server system by using the QuickBooks file doctor. 

Method 3- From the Beginning Commencing 

  • Firstly, open the company file folder and upload a new copy of the network data configuration file. 
  • Now, logout from the users and close your system 
  • Then, log in as a Windows administrator
  • After that, search for the company file folder. 
  • Search the .nd file that you want to choose. 
  • Either delete the file or rename it.

Method 4- Verify the Extension of the Company File

  • First of all, right-click on the company file.
  • Then, choose the properties tab.
  • Select the QuickBooks icon
  • After that, open QuickBooks and check the .qbw company file extension.
  • Lastly, tap on the ok and close your window. 

Method 5- Run QuickBooks Clean Install

  • Initially, you have to uninstall QuickBooks. 
  • Then, go to the control panel and select the programs and features
  • Select QuickBooks and install it. 
  • Lastly, you have to perform the clean installation of QuickBooks.

Method 6- Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool 

  • First of all, download the QuickBooks Tool hub from the official website of Intuit. 
  • Then, click on the install option and save the file where you can access it easily. 
  • Now, open the tool hub and go to the company file issue tab. 
  • Lastly, click on the run QuickBooks file doctor tab. 

Method 7- Rename or Delete the .nd file

  • Go to the network data configuration file.
  • Then, log out from all the user accounts of QuickBooks.
  • Again login as the system administrator. 
  • Now, go to the company file folder. 
  • After that, search for the .nd extension file. 
  • Lastly, select either you can rename or delete the file. 

Winding up! 

In this article, we discussed How to resolve QuickBooks Error 80070057. We hope that all the information that is mentioned above will help you to fix the issue that you faced with your system and be satisfied. If you are interested to know more about this error or any other issue then look out for our other articles also to fix errors as well.

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