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How to make Product video ads

Video marketing is the trending marketing strategy in this digital era. Digital marketing through video ads is essential in order to build brand awareness and engagement with customers and the community. Videos connect with people on a more personal level and help drive more leads and sales through to your business. Video ads are used on YouTube, your websites, social media channels, emails, and newsletters. 

In this fast tech world, audiences do not want to read lengthy product descriptions on websites. They wish to appraise themselves of the benefits and features of products in a couple of minutes.

A well-shot and edited video can go a long way to advertise your products, attract customers’ attention, build trust among your audience, evoke their emotions and interests and translate interests into sales. Therefore, every business must take advantage of video marketing to grow and launch new products and services.

So, for those who want to learn how to make product video ads, here are some pointers to help you create videos that sell:

Some Things To Assess Before Producing Videos

Who Is Your Target Audience?

It would help if you used software like Google Analytics to understand your audience demographics. For example, the content and style of your videos will depend on the age, gender, income, interests, and location of your potential customers. This is crucial in order to make the audience feel that the videos are tailor-made for them and are not generic content. 

What Problem Are You Addressing?

Brands and businesses have understood the power of video marketing and they are leveraging videos to boost their sales. But how do you stand out?

Most videos are created with the features of the products in focus; the viewers don’t always relate to them. When you are selling a product through videos, the content must focus on the problems that the product is solving. 

For instance, let’s say your brand sells portable e-readers. Then, your product addresses the problem of people not being able to carry heavy books around with them. So your video must raise this problem and show how your product addresses it.  

Where Do You Want To Publish Your Video Ads?

The platform on which you are releasing the videos is an important factor in producing videos since that will command the aspect ratio and length of videos.

For example, square videos perform better on Instagram and Facebook than on YouTube. Video ads of 30 seconds or less work well on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, whereas videos less than 20 seconds command the attention of viewers on YouTube.

Nowadays, social media is the best platform for videos as their advertisements are affordable and targeted. Facebook has the most advanced targeting programs for paid ads. Produce your videos keeping in mind your target platform. 

Are you shying away from using video ads because you don’t know how to edit videos and don’t want to invest a lot in producing videos? Worry not! Video editing software and ad makers come with templates and a vast library of stock footage, music, edits, and graphics to make producing videos an easy task. So choose an editor best suited to your preference and start filming!

How To Make Compelling Video Ads? 

Script Your Video

It is essential to plan your video content before you dive into filming. Since video ads need to be precise and short, you have to include all the critical features of your products in a short duration. It is best to have a sketch of how you want your shots to look and have a game plan so that filming goes smoothly.

Show How Your Product Is Making Lives Easier

Video ads have been a trusted formula for marketers for years now. But to make them work, your videos must empathize with the audience and show how the product can make their lives better. This builds trust among the viewers for your brand and products. 

Evoke Emotions

Videos will only sell when they can appeal to the emotions of people. For example, you can add peppy music or a happy song to your video to uplift the mood of your viewers. This has a positive response from the audience, who consider purchasing your products.

Customizing videos is not as daunting as you imagine it to be. An ad maker can stitch separate shots, add music, text cards and do more with a few clicks. 

Highlight The Benefits

Features of products don’t prevent customers from skipping an ad, but the product’s benefits and how that helps the audience catch them in their tracks. Your video should convey why the product is the right choice for people.

For instance, let’s say your e-reader has a battery life of 16 hours. You can highlight this as a feature, but to make it more impressive, use it to show how it improves customers’ lives. You can say how, once fully charged, the e-reader can be used for hours without disrupting the reading flow of the audience. 

The First Few Seconds are Crucial

The first couple of seconds is critical to grab your audience’s attention so that they don’t skip the ad. So, begin your videos with compelling visuals or a catchy statement to spark interest. You can also start with addressing a relevant issue or asking a question that hooks the audience to see the entire video.

Finally, you can use editing software or an ad maker to add text cards to your videos highlighting your products’ key features and benefits.  

Add a Call To Action

Every video ad is created with a goal in mind. When the audience has watched the whole video, you don’t want to waste that engagement.

So, add a call to action (CTA) like shop now, book now, etc., to encourage the viewers to take some action. The CTA can either be part of the scenes or be added through texts or graphics.

It is best to add CTA at the end to have a lingering effect on the audience’s mind. 

Wrapping Up

Video ads are not as expensive and challenging to produce as you think. You don’t have to be a professional filmmaker or have a team of experts to launch your products through videos. With some patience, creativity, and learning coupled with tools available online, you can create stunning video ads in no time!

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