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How to Make Money on Twitter - DAILY BELY

How to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is a popular social media platform to Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia connect to your followers and sharing news breaking and displaying your brand’s character.

Did you know that you can also earn money from Twitter?

In recent weeks, Twitter has rolled out numerous new e-commerce tools that are perfect for creators and brands looking to increase revenue from the application.

Scroll down to find tested and proven strategies for making money:

7 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

With 199M active users on a daily basis, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms and the potential to connect with new customers is enormous. However, how do you be in front of the users and earn profits?

Here are seven ways to earn money through Twitter:

  • Raise Product or Service Awareness
  • Purchase Twitter Ads
  • Leverage Twitter Influencers/Creators
  • Set Up Twitter’s Tip Jar Feature
  • Create a Twitter newsletter using Revue
  • Create a Subscription Service With Super Follows
  • Set Up Ticketed Spaces

#1: Raise Product or Service Awareness

Making a series of tweets that are thumb-stopping to promote your brand will not only increase awareness, but can also increase sales as well.

There are a variety of ways to achieve this:

1. Let us know where your product can be found, for example, Illustrator Bria Nicole.

She also shared her collaboration with retailer HomeGoods and asked her followers to donate UGC in the event that they saw her work in person.

The outcome? A viral tweet (with over 7K followers!) as well as a lot of user comments that said they’d like to purchase her artwork.

2. Make use of GIFs or short-form videos to promote your brand in a way that is fun similar to beverage brands Olipop.

They cleverly reused their Instagram Story boomerang for Twitter to announce a brand new product launch.

As a result they were able to create excitement around their latest offering.

3. Create a demonstration of how you use your product and ask an intriguing question to get the attention of your target audience.

Rakuten Kobo often employs this strategy to advertise their eReaders as well as SleepCovers:

Promoting your product or service in a way that isn’t slick and pushy through Twitter will help keep your brand front-of-mind.

When your market is looking to buy -you’ll be the first brand they will think of.

Are you looking for a simpler way to organize the timing of your media tweets? Join Later today and plan your tweets in advance to be live!

#2: Purchase Twitter Ads

Have you heard the expression, “you’ve got to spend money to make money”?

If your goal is to promote brand awareness or increase conversions, advertising on Twitter could prove to be a valuable tool.

There are more than 20 kinds of ads that you can use on Twitter however, promoted tweets are an excellent way to start advertising your services or products and earning money from the app.

Promoted Tweets appear like regular tweets (aside of their “Promoted” label of course) and will be displayed within the feeds for your intended viewers.

Jim Beam frequently uses punny copywriting and office humor in order to help promote its Jim Beam Orange liqueur:

And Wealthsimple makes use of their tweeted promotions to encourage app downloads

TIP A: Twitter’s Business Portal can be a valuable source for business and creators owners. Learn how to create effective ads and read about successful brand stories.

Pssst! Bookmark this blog post for follow up on How to Make Use of Twitter to Grow Your Business.

#3: Leverage Twitter Influencers and Creators

Collaboration with creators on Twitter can be a bit difficult to spot However, including Twitter into your market-building plan is something worth looking into.

While certain influencers may not have as huge of an following on Twitter like they do elsewhere but many of them still utilize the platform to create active communities. You can leverage that in your favor!

For instance, Fashion influential Sofi (The Odditty). With more than 200K fans on Instagram and Twitter brands that collaborate with her only on Instagram do not have the possibility of reaching an entirely distinct (yet identical) audience on Twitter.

A case in point: her Tweet about the Fashion Nova set got over 80K views. That’s an impressive number of prospective new clients.

One brand that regularly collaborates with Twitter creators? Brands that make tech Logitech.

They collaborated with the creative Aundre Larrow in promoting the Combo Touch iPad keyboard case to an overwhelming positive reception:

Twitter gives brands the chance to engage with new customers and communicate with them via a different way which can boost sales.

#4: Set Up Twitter’s Tip Jar Feature

The new Twitter app Tip Jar lets users earn money to “tip” their favorite creators through well-known payments platforms (including Cash App, Paypal, Venmo, Patreon and Bandcamp).

In the event that this feature has been made accessible to you now (it’s being tested) You’ll be able to enable Tip Jar via on the “Edit Profile” menu on your profile page.┬áThen, you can add payment options and you’ll be good to go.

Once your Tip Jar feature has been set the user who comes across your profile page can click the icon, select the payment method from their selection, and then be directed directly to your personal URL.

Canadian Journalist Wanna Thompson (who regularly goes viral on the app) utilizes to use the Tip Jar tool to garner help from her fans.

TIP: A cheeky plug or two will not harm, but be careful not to do it too much! Be sure to inform your friends and family be aware about the Tip Jar feature is an option in your profile. The more people you can inform of your tip jar the more beneficial.

#5: Create a Twitter Newsletter using Revue

This year, Twitter acquired Revue, an online service that allows for free and simple for anyone to begin and create newsletters.

Twitter’s aim is to help creators leverage their existing audience to grow their the number of newsletter subscribers.

Twitter is currently testing methods to display the “subscribe” button on a profile page of a user, which could make it an essential feature for any creator who has an effective email marketing plan.

By using this feature, you’ll be able lock in new customers and gather emails from your subscribers and use it as an excellent tool for converting them into buyers of your goods or services.

Social media expert Matt Navarra uses Revue to deliver the “Geekout Newsletter” to over 90K followers on Twitter:

This is one huge users base.

#6: Create a Subscription Service With Super Follows

Pay attention to Patreon’s Super Follows are a new option Twitter is testing with creators!

Through Super Follows, the creators have the option to make the “Super Followers” a monthly cost to access extra Twitter posts and personal messages.

When someone signs up and becomes Super Follower of an account, the user will get an badge that marks their profile as being a Super Follower on an account.

Creators will be able choose their price for subscriptions at or $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99. Twitter offers 3 percent of annual sales.

At present, you must have at minimum 10, 000 followers, and also be an U.S. creator to apply. If you are from another country you should keep an eye out for this area!

#7: Set Up Ticketed Spaces

In the spirit of space, in the past, you’ve likely been aware of Twitter Spaces, the platform’s live audio feature that is a brand new “room” feature.

Now, Twitter is rolling out Ticketed Spaces.

While still in beta “Ticketed Spaces” lets brands and creators make money from Spaces events that are hosted on the Twitter platform.

In the moment, you need to be a minimum of 1K followers, and you must run three Spaces events per month in order to charge users to participate in those live chat sessions.

To apply for the privilege of running Ticketed Spaces Simply select”Monetization” in the “Monetization” button in your “Settings and privacy” menu and then click “Ticketed Spaces,” and complete the application.

After approval, you’ll be permitted to charge between $1-$999 per ticket to the Spaces event.

Twitter is still testing various revenue models for users, however, finding innovative ways for brands and creators to earn money from Twitter is a growing goal.

It’s the perfect moment to begin working on those old ways buymalaysianfollowers of making money, and also try out the latest tools as well!

It’s what they say that the early bird is always the best bird (get it? Twitter…bird?) is bitten by the worm!

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