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How to Grow 10x Times Using Video

How to Grow 10x Times Using Video? – A Guide for Business Owners

Multiple pieces of research have confirm that more than a billion hours are spent watching videos on YouTube. So, it can be clearly understand that videos are one of the most effective marketing methods. However, some business owners are not aware of the potential of creating video content. That can boost their business nearly 10x times the current boost through other methods and media. 

It’s time to understand some of the ways that can help business owners gain more attention. Through video content and how it can help in gaining more attention for the business.

Why Business Owners should invest in a Video Content Strategy

 Any small business can have difficulty increasing its reach and achieving its potential. Creating a small business video highlights the business and the range of services they offer to its customers and clients. However, there are many hurdles to creating a small business video marketing. It can be either due to the shortage of time or cost. However, with the following helpful points, any small business can easily use video marketing for small businesses within their budget. Here are the advantages of investing in video marketing for small businesses:

Increases traffic to the website 

Videos can gain a lot of attention from the total internet traffic. Therefore, having a video on your website will potentially increase traffic to your website by at least 75%. So, more traffic on your website means that you will have increased sales.

Hence, as a small business owner, you need to ensure that you are hiring a video production team.

He is an expert in creating corporate videos that highlight.

The best advantages of hiring your business for the client’s services. 

More video-sharing means more publicity

It has been discovered that nearly 81% of business experts will regularly go through an entire corporate video.

To see if the video is related to the product and service, they are involved in. As brands gain more reach, small business video marketing effectively creates awareness about the brand and its products.

Increases SEO rankings

Commercial production for small business videos is a great way to ensure that you get a good ROI. Creating a small business video is quite easy due to the easy-to-access technology.

That makes it possible to quickly create a good quality video and does not need a big budget.

Increases brand awareness

Watching a video leaves a powerful impression on your mind and incites an emotional response. Video marketing for small businesses intends to do the same.

But the video targets potential clients and customers so that the goal of increased brand awareness is achieved. Capturing a potential client or customer is possible by creating a video replete with powerful emotions and equally unforgettable messages.

Drives the message better

Any branding video examples that you choose will be able to precisely place the message for the potential client or customer regarding the services and products they have.

Similarly, commercial production for small business videos creates a sense of transparency.

Allowing the basic ideas, emotions, words, and thoughts into an easy-to-understand and grasp concept without any difficulty. 

Provides an influential call-to-action

As a potential customer or client watching a small business video marketing tactic. Created by a corporate commercial production company, they should be able to feel a rise in emotions. Due to the rise in emotions, there should be a call to action initiated by the prospective customer or client. With the high-quality small business video, you will be able to inspire viewers and thus get more leads.

An easy method of conversion 

With the help of commercial production for small business videos, it is possible to convert viewers into clients. It has been discovered through research that placing videos on the landing page of your website. Will ensure that almost 80% of your traffic converts to clients.

So, it can be understood that a small business video create by a commercial production can help gain clients for your business.

Productive corporate video production

For any small business video marketing to be successful. It is necessary to ensure that one or more than one unique selling point is mentioned in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

In addition, corporate video production should be done to emphasize the company’s main values. Sent across to the viewer in a crisp and understandable format.


Video content is important for any business size but most important for small business to increase their reach and gain potential clients and customers.

Whether it is a promotional video or an educational video, creating them with the help of a commercial production company. Which can aid in gathering a larger audience that scales your business upwards and increases your revenue.

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