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How to Easily Find a US Canada Tax Accountant

How to Easily Find a US Canada Tax Accountant

You may work for a US company/client from Canada as a freelancer or as an independent contractor. In either of the preceding cases, you are tax-exempt. Still, you have an obligation to report all of your income in tax return no matter where your clients live. Similarly, Canadians who work in the US have to file their taxes on the income they get through Canadian sources. However, understanding and filing US Canada taxes is intricate for Canadians who serve US clients and vice versa. Hiring a US Canada tax accountant can get rid of the stress from people who need to file such taxes. Nevertheless, they should ensure that they can afford to hire such an accountant for filing their tax returns. 

How to Search for a US Canada Tax Expert 

When it comes to looking for information, nothing surpasses research. Hence, research is your best option to look for the right tax accountant to file US Canada taxes to the CRA. You can proceed with research in various ways to find the right tax accountant and file your US Canada taxes. Here are some of the methods that we suggest to help you find a US Canada tax accountant:

Ask Your Friends:

As a freelancer or an independent contractor for a US client, you are tax-exempt in the eyes of the CRA. Nonetheless, CRA will require you to report your US income on your tax return to it. Hiring an accountant can help you deal with tax reporting to the CRA without a hassle. You may have friends who also serve US clients as independent contractors or freelancers. If any of your friends use a tax accountant for tax reporting to the CRA, they can recommend you someone. Similarly, you can consider referrals from relatives if they do the job as you do. Hence, referrals can probably help you choose the right US Canada tax expert for tax purposes.

Look for Tax Experts Online:

You can find plenty of useful information on the internet through the world’s best search engine, Google. Thus, you should exploit it to find the right person for filing your tax returns to the CRA. We have already mentioned it doesn’t matter you live in or outside Canada; you have to file your tax returns. Thus, you should Google to search for reliable tax accountants to file your US Canada taxes based on your situation. You have various resources online to search for the right tax accountant for this purpose, and you must utilize them. The following resources can aid you in finding the right US Canada tax accountant to file your tax returns:

Customer Reviews:

When you will search through Google for top accounting firms, you will also find Google Reviews. You can go through Google Reviews about top accounting firms to find out what customers are saying about them. Usually, accounting firms that appear on the top of the search results are the most reliable. However, you should look for accounting firms that offer tax assistance to individuals and businesses cost-effectively for this purpose. Make sure you choose an accounting company with the best reviews about its tax accountants for US Canada tax filing.

Review Sites:

Review sites are also a great online resource to search for the right US Canada tax accountant. People also count on these sites to find information about various businesses before choosing one to meet their needs. You can do the same, and you can search for the required information on these sites similar to the search engine. Typing the right or the most relevant keyword on these sites will generate the most authentic results for you. Then, you will only need to compare their ratings, customer reviews, and credibility about tax accountants/accounting companies to choose one.   

Online Directories:

Another popular resource on the internet to search for information is an online directory. Nevertheless, you should rely on reputable online directories for this purpose. For example, Yellow Pages and Yelp are the most reliable online directories to find the most relevant information online. Therefore, you should take full advantage of reputable online directories to find the right tax accountant. 

GTA Accounting is a reputable accounting firm that offers tax services in Toronto, Mississauga, and Oakville. Moreover, small and medium-sized businesses count on the tax experts of this accounting firm. Hence, you may consider outsourcing tax services from one of its tax accountants to manage your US Canada tax returns.


If you are a Canadian who works for a US company or have a client in the US as a freelancer, you have tax obligations. If you work in the US and earn income through Canadian sources, you must report this income to the CRA. However, filing US Canada taxes is an intricate matter for individuals and businesses. Hiring the right US Canada tax accountant can overcome this tax burden for people who must file this return. You can easily find the right tax accountant for this purpose in the following ways:

  1. Through Referrals from Friends
  2. Via Online Research

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