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How to dispose of solar panels?

How to dispose of solar panels?

Solar panels are expensive equipment, so even if you don’t need them, you want to think about selling them as much as possible. Solar energy in Pakistan there may be situations where you have no choice but to dispose of the whole thing if it is damaged or damaged in a disaster. What is the procedure for handling such cases?

How much does it cost to dispose of solar panels?

It is a large facility, and since it is treated as industrial waste in the first place, it cannot be disposed of by the general public. Even if you can remove it, it is impossible to have the municipality collect it like general garbage. In addition to the disposal cost, you should assume that it will cost to remove it from the installation site and transport it from there. The disposal will cost you a fair amount.

As it falls under industrial waste, please do not dispose of it at your discretion.

As mentioned above, it falls under industrial waste, so self-judgment is impossible. First of all, it is necessary to contact the local government, and for dismantling and removal, it will be in the form of requesting a specialized company. Solar panels contain hazardous substances such as selenium, cadmium, and lead, depending on the type, and require appropriate treatment.

Even if you make a mistake, no one will try to dismantle it yourself, but it is important not to touch it as it may cause severe health damage. For disposal, industrial waste is sent to an intermediate processing company and separated into recyclable and non-recyclable parts. The features that cannot be recycled are generally buried, and detailed disposal methods vary by municipality.

After removing the solar panels, it is necessary to repair the roof.

It is different if the solar panel is in the garden, but there are many cases where it is installed on the roof. Of course, after removing it, the roof must be repaired, so the cost and arrangements for roof construction are also required. For example, if you ask different contractors for every work, such as removal from the roof, disposal, and roof repair, the cost will jump up, and it will be a big waste. Most of the price is labor costs, so it’s better to have as many things as possible.


New solar panels can be sold as long as they are not damaged. However, even if you sell it, it is a large-scale facility, and it is expected that the place where it is installed is unique, such as on the roof. When asking a specialist, it is safer and more efficient to ask the same place for both purchase and dismantling.

There are various sizes of Solar Panel Price in Pakistan so the choice of contractor will change depending on the scale, and the cost will be different. If you have solar panels, you don’t need them, and it’s best to consult with multiple companies and compare. We recommend finding the best method for each case.

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