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How to create creative gift packaging with colors?

How to create creative gift packaging with colors?

Color is frequently the first thing that comes to mind when discussing packaging design. What color or shade could you use to get your point across to your intended audience? These are all common questions that one may have when choosing a product packaging design.

Despite having a great logo and design, color is extremely important to the overall packaging of the product. All of the elements are very crucial in the packaging design. As packaging is the first impression that is given to the customer. Whereas, color is the most significant aspect of human existence. Your brand vision and message will effectively communicate through the use of color. What do you envision? The color black draws in customers while also sending a message of luxury and power. It is crucial to remember that color affects consumer behavior. In this reading, we are going to discuss color psychology and how it affects human perspectives, Furthermore, click here to know more about gift packaging.

Color psychology

Color is an extremely important element of human life. Whereas, color psychology refers to the study of behaviors. Every color that humans experience has a certain effect on their behavior and moods. For instance, take the example of the red color. The color red refers to intense emotions in the human being likewise passion, love, strength, etc. In short, every color has an effect on our behavior and perception.

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Importance of color psychology

The color is the one that aids the seller in understanding the buyer’s purchasing habits. According to the study, about 80 percent of purchasers buy the product by impulsive behavior. As they persuade by the packaging elements. Additionally, each color conveys a distinct message while also conjuring up different emotions and viewpoints in the customer. Taking the example of purple. The purple color associated with luxurious brands can also help to convey the message of good quality and excellence in its prominence.

Effects of Color on Buying Performance

The use of color in a campaign is crucial because it causes people to feel and think in ways that are different from what the campaign wants them to. Consider combining the brand color with a color that has meaning on its own to create a color that makes the packaging stand out. Showing your target audience what you want to show them will benefit your business. Every aspect of our lives needs color. You decide on the color you prefer most after considering the clothing. One of the tactics used in branding is color. It is the most effective strategy for spreading the brand’s message.


The fundamental color code for red, green, and blue referring to as the RGB model of color. From the back, where each color is represented. When creating digital items like logos, social media posts, products, icons, etc., these colors are frequently used. While printing, use the CMYK color model. These colors can be cyan, magenta, yellow, key, or black. The printing press uses these colors. By combining colors, the design creates a product. Since the only colors are black and white. The shade and hue of a particular color can be produced by an increase in specific colors. They are frequently utilized in print advertisements, business cards, and product packaging.

Printing tactic

Compared to soft-touch lamination, soft-touch coating is less expensive and takes less time to complete. After the coating has been applied during printing, UV light is used to cure it, preserving the design’s color accuracy. It is typically used on paperboard packaging options for retail-ready packaging. Conversely, BOPP, also known as bi-oriented polypropylene film, is used for soft-touch lamination and is applied during a different finishing step. Printed graphics have a more muted appearance and serve as a moisture barrier thanks to soft-touch laminates. It is ideal for use in e-commerce packaging due to its excellent protective qualities.

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Target audience

Your target audience is everything to you. Because they are the ones to whom your brand will sell its products, identifying your target audience is crucial. Take a burger restaurant as an illustration. How would you characterize their intended audience? Kids and young people, adults who work, and college students are all represented in the typography and demographics. Age, education, gender, and other factors are included in the demographic. The main group of people you’ll contact is the target audience. Know who your audience is. What your target audience remembers about you are the color and logo. You cannot confine yourself to using your logo alone when building your brand. For example, when you hear the name Apple, you probably think of their ingenuity and commitment.

Determine your message

To succeed, a business must effectively communicate its brand message to its target market. What conveys the brand’s vision and establishes a connection with its target market is the message. The company’s goals, purpose, and aim are where you can find the message. The brand message must be consistently embraced by consumers if the business is to gain their trust and loyalty. Brand messages enable them to stand out from the competition and have an advantageous effect on the intended audience. You can be clear about how to target the appropriate audience once you are clear on your vision.


The packaging is not only the material, rather it’s overall, which includes multiple elements. Certainly, the main element is the design which includes the combination of colors, pattern, and call to action. Now that you know what color psychology principles are and what the most common associations of each hue are, it’s time to apply them to your business. Consider how you want your customers to feel while they are shopping there when choosing colors for your brand or online store. Second, your product stands out thanks to the packaging. The design strategy will include the company name and logo.

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